Thursday, 13 October 2011

Story about Kendra Wanted to go to the playground....But Daddy says No...

Dear Readers,

I have been on paternity leave since 6th October 2011 after we welcome our 2nd daughter Klarissa Elisha Foo into our family. All of us are so excited about the new edition in the family, we stayed at my parents house for a few days before decided to return to our home.

But this post is about our eldest 3 year old daughter Kendra, she had a red eye disease (Conjunctivitis). we believed she got it from her cousin, my sister's daughter. It is difficult for us to control Kendra from getting  too closed to her new sister Klarissa. She always wanted to kiss her but due to her condition we refrain her from doing so, at one point when I am so angry with her I had to scold her, though her intention is good but her condition worries us fear might spread to Klarissa too, as I posted last week that when I scolded my daughter she told me that we loved Klarissa more than we love her now (click here to read related post).

So Today she wanted to go to the playground, she loved to play the swing so she asked for our permission if she can go. this is her actual words"...mummy...can I go to the playground? I want to play to swing O mummy.." then my wife told me of Kendra's intention, so I told her you cannot go, your eye is still red. The she quickly ran to one of the dining chair and cover her face telling me "....I dont like you daddy...I want to play swing..."

I tried to ignore her, but looking at her, I decided to explain to her why she can't go to the playground.. at first she ignore me and saying "..I don't want you daddy, because you do let me go to playground..."  So I make another attempt to explain to her why I say no playground and no swing. So I said to her "...Kendra please let me see your eyes first if your can go to the playground?" she continues ignore me, again I told her ok let me see your eye again I will let you go to play the swing if I checked your eyes is better already. She finally raised he head and listen so I told her let me see your eye... so I checked pretend to check carefully about her eyes. the I told her your one eye looks ok, which is not red actually, but I am worry about this eye the one eye (right eye) that actually red since last Sunday. Then she say "...this eye is red kah daddy, I go see at the mirror first." I told her ok you can go an checked first, she ran to the room an checked for her self.

About 10minutes later, she ran back to me and told me, " see daddy my eye better already, my eye ok already....yeah....yeah..." but you know what she did she covered her right eye and point to the left eye telling me her eye already got better. she ran to her mummy and told the same thing...but my wife ask her "wow eye got better already?...what happen to this eye?" she then laugh and say but this eye still red only this one (right eye) ok already...all of us laugh she ran to me and said...daddy...daddy. I respond "..Yes." and she said " and mummy so funny oh..." very funny daddy, mummy and me ken-ken (nick name for Kendra)..

Then I look at her, and told my wife...Kendra always knows how to make us we look at her running to her room laughing..LoL

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