This  page is specially dedicated to all my favorite Sabahan Singer 
(Kadazan/Dusun language and many more) for your listening pleasure

Hey Rrrrramai T - Francis Landong 

 Song Title : Hey Rrrrramai T
Sung By : Francis Landong

Nung Noilan Ku Daa - Francis Landong 
Song Title : Nung Noilan Ku Daa
Sung By : Francis Landong

Kaus Ku Oviton Kut Matai - Joe Mabin
Song Title : Kaus Ku Oviton Kut Matai
Sung By : Joe Mabin

Isteri Kahwin Lagi - Evaristus Gungunkit 
 Song Title : Isteri Kahwin Lagi (My Wife marries again)
Sung By : Evaristus Gungkit

Poingkura Ku Maganu Dika - Evaristus Gungkit
Song Title : Poingkura Ku Maganu Dika
Sung By : Evaristus Gungkit

Tanak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat
Song Title : Anak Kampung (Village Boy) - Malay Version with Dusun Lyrics
Sung By : Jimmy Palikat

Tanak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat
 Song Title : Anak Kampung (Village Boy) - Malay Version with Malay Lyrics

Sung By : Jimmy Palikat

Sayang Kinabalu - Kimin Mudin

Song Title : Sayang Kinabalu
Sung By : Kimin Mudin

Menarik Hati - Martin Ginsos & Juliana Intiang

Song Title : Menarik Hati
Sung By : Martin Ginsos & Julian Intiang

Id TopiumananKu - Clare Petrus Edwin
Song Title : Id TopiumananKu
Sung By : Clare Petrus Edwin
Proton Saga Kalabu - Jokteo Akang
Song Title : Proton Saga Kalabu (Grey Proton Saga Car)
Sung By : Jokteo Akang

Song Title : Pambayaran Ansur-Ansur
Song Title : Pambayaran Ansur-Ansur (Installments)
Sung By : Thomas Intiang

Song Titile : Pikir-Pikir Dulu
Song Title : Pikir-Pikir Dulu (Think First)
Sung By : Francis Landong

Song Title : Pokitonun Ku
Song Title : Pokitonun Ku
Sung By : Jimmy Palikat

Song Title : Kosorou Ko Poh NangKu
Song Title : Kosorou Ko Poh NangKu (Do You Still Remember Me?)
Sung By : Jestie Elexius

Adaa - Clarice John Matha

Song Title : Adaa
Sung By : Clarice John Matha

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