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Batmobile... since 1966 - 2012

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The Batman franchise movie has made another stunning comeback, since the last Batman movie - Dark Knight, fans all around the world has been waiting for the next chapter of Batman movies "Dark Knight Rises" 

This series is believed the be the last in this series, featuring Batman (Christian Bale) which is going to include 3 of the most famous villain, Bane (Tom hardy), Ra's Ah Ghul (Liam Neeson), Cat Woman (Anne Hathaway). 

now as mentioned in this post, the real topic is actually talks about the designs of Batman mobility, yes its the non other than the Bat Mobile. since 1966 we have seen many changes in the Bat Mobile, especially in the modern 21st century Batman Batman Begins (2005), Batman - Dark Knight (2008) and the most recent Batman - Dark Knight Rises (2012). 

Let us take a look at the Bat mobile 1966, this was the first batman movie. Adam West stared as Batman while Burt Ward as Robin, and include 4 famous villain, they are The Joker (Cesar Romero), The Riddler (Frank Gorshin), The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) and Finally the Cat Woman (Lee Meriwether).

As you can see this is a 2 seater Bat Mobile, and of course the passenger is none other then Robin....

Although the first bat man movie was a huge success, since then Batman has been watch in Series. until 1989.

1989 was Batman second shot at the Hollywood big screen. The character of Batman was starred by Micheal Keaton and the villain was a corrupt mob played by jack Nicholson who later became the Joker. This was the only villain featured in this Batman movie. The design of the 1989 bat mobile was a long and sleek mobile, built on the Chevy Corvette. 

This Bat mobile was also being featured in the 1992 Batman movie, Batman Returns which was the second series where the starring role played by Micheal Keaton. the villain in this sequel was the Cat Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) while the Penguin (Danny DeVito). The Peguin believed that he will become the next Gotham mayor and he believed that his dream becoming a mayor of Gotham will be made possible with the hep of his Penguins Army, and Batman will try to stop his plan, but it become complicated with the help of Cat Woman..

Lets have a look at the 1989 and 1992 Bat mobile..

In 1995 Batman Forever was release, this time the Batman role was taken over by Val Kilmer, this time the  Batman franchise movie decided that they wanted to reintroduce Robin as the young and energetic helper of Batman. Robin was starred by Chris O'Donnell. The villain this is movie was the Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones) who believed that Batman was the one responsible for this accident that eventually turn him to be the Two-Face villain, and there is this Riddler villain (Jim Carrey) who wanted to control the world and at the same time wanted to expose the true identity of Batman.

This 1995 Bat mobile had a Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 high-performance motor. The body is made from a vacuum-bagged high-temperature epoxy fiberglass laminate.

Two years later in 1997 Batman and Robin return with the starring role played by George Clooney as Batman and Christ O'Donnell return again as Robin. This was considered a moderate category of Batman movie, maybe because this movie was release during the worldwide financial and economic crisis. The movie was a box office but due to poor critiques, this movie was considered as one of the poorest superhero movie ever made. in this movie Batman faced Poison Ivy, a woman capable of controlling and killing botanical life. Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr Freeze.

The Bat mobile design includes aerodynamic chassis design and "T" axis wheelbase provided the Batmobile counterbalance gyrometric stability, allowing for high velocity 90-degree turns at speeds greater than 70 mph without losing momentum. 

Now, after 8 years absence from the cinema big screen, The all new 21st century Batman movie has finally made another come back, and this time its going to be BIG one. 

Directed by Chris Nolan, the 2005 was considered as a total reset to all the Batman movies since 1966 - 1997. This movie titled "Batman Begins" tells us how Bruce Wayne faced his darkest history and also his deepest fear and became Batman, the defender and protector of which his late father masterminded the creation of Gotham city. His decision to return to Gotham City after being trained by his who later became his enemy, while at the same time trying to stop and bring the city's mob bosses to justice. 

The Bat Mobile where Bruce Wayne modifies a prototype military vehicle called "the Tumbler" that was designed by Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division as a bridging vehicle for the military. It includes features like weaponry, and the ability to boost into a rampless jump. In the Nolan films the vehicle is never referred to as the "Batmobile". Six vehicles were built for the production of the film. Two full-sized driving versions were used in exterior shots. One full-sized model with hydraulic enhancements was used in jump sequences. One full-sized, functional version carried propane tanks to fuel the rocket blast out of the rear nozzle. A radio-controlled, 1/3-scale electric model also performed stunts in the film (e.g., the roof-top chase sequence).

In 2008 the sequel to the 2005 Batman begins, which titles "Dark Knight" includes villain Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart and The Joker played by Heath Ledger, This time Batman and Harvey Dent are working together trying the bring down all the mob bosses, while at the same time Batman is facing another battle with The Joker. 

This movie was a huge success with the third most highest movie grossing in the United States. Now in Chris Nolan introduces Bat pod it was shown in a scene where Batman ejects from the Batmobile in the Batpod (a motorcycle formed by the front wheels and struts of the Batmobile). Once ejected, Batman programs the Batmobile to self-destruct, the AI stating, "Goodbye" before the explosion.

The 2012 Batman Movie also directed by Chris Nolan titled "Dark Knight Rises" is believed to be the final sequel in this Batman series starred by Christian Bale as the superhero behind the Bat mask with dark leather high tech suit.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Batman will face his all time enemies Bane, Ra's Al Ghul and Cat Woman. 

This time Batman will still be using his Bat mobile used during the 2005 and 2008 movies, but with another new introduction to the Bat mobile collection, Bat wing its a flying machine, I don't have the details of this Bat Mobile yet, but the "Tumbler" is still going to be playing a key role as the Bat Mobile in this 2012 Batman series. 

I have not watch this movie yet, but according to times live "Citing box office insiders, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other media outlets reported Sunday that the latest Batman sequel earned $160 million to $162 million.
That amount would best the $158.4 million debut of The Dark Knightin 2008 and give Dark Knight Rises the third-highest domestic weekend opening ever after the 3D films The Avengers with $207.4 million and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 with $169.2 million.
The Hollywood Reporter also cited box office sources who said Dark Knight Rises earned $70 million from nine of the 17 countries where it debuted over the weekend, including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea and Spain." To read more click here..

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