Thursday, 19 September 2013

IOS7 Update completed on my iPhone 5


Yes the awaited IOS7 has arrived...everyone with an APPLE brand in their house hold will surely update the IOS 6.1.4 to the all new and revamped IOS7..

I guess not everyone will update their IOS7 immediately as in the past there is always bugs that requires immediate attention before its is fully perfect for your APPLE gadget..

For me I will always try it immediately regardless of the consequences that might befall on my iPhone..

How long it took me to completely update my IOS? well believe it or not its 4 hours (approx). which includes Update my iTune to ver11.1 then download my IOS7 since I am using my Mobile BB..depending of the speed that's why it took me almost 4 Hours to complete everything..

(Please comment on this)
"I notice before I update my iPhone as advice I need to backup my my iTune showed me I have 3Gig++ more free memory... after IOS7 my iPhone Free memory has increase to 4.27Gig of free memory.. " Hope anyone going to update on this can confirmed if your iPhone memory does increased..

What is the change on IOS7?

Well first of all the looks it self is a total look very classic to me its looks like old fashioned display...

Image by

If you set a passcode to your iPhone well this one has a new looks too.. 

Your Slide to unlock is now only represented by Text only when you slide to unlock immediately your Passcode page will slide unlike in the IOS6.1.4 as you slide the passcode button will pop out to display..

Most of the icon look has also change as mentioned earlier it look like old fashioned to me..(personal opinion).

The double click on your Home button, normally in IOS 6 it only shows you the apps you access most frequently.. but not in IOS7.. as you double click on your home button immediately all the apps you have on your iPhone will be displayed on your screen accompanied by the Page of the Apps on top of each Icon. the first page will alway be a smaller version of your main page on your iPhone, and first icon apps you see will be the last apps you access from your iPhone. This is new and it give your fast access to your apps..

If you go to your iPhone setting, and select on Cellular in IOS6.1.4 you will see enable LTE but in IOS7 it shows Enable 4G.. Nothing much on this only the term LTE has been changed 4G.

 The Voice Control or voice assistance. looks there something wrong...most of the question I asked like What is Baseball... it keeps telling me...Its cant take any request at the moment...looks like this is the first problem I found...

Briefly this is what I have to say about IOS7 now...will compare my IOS7 with a friend tomorrow morning before I proceed further on my review..

Briefly this is the comparison of IOS chart that I found from

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hello again..

Its has been a while since I update my blog, maybe because I run out of ideas on what to write. I guess the title of my blog it self has limit the scope of what to write.. TechLine before basically its all about tech & gadget but I have decided to changed it to "Something Interesting" and see how long I can go from here..

Once again to all my readers I thank you for your support in visiting my blog page. hope I will have more topics to write with this new Blog Title.  

Sunday, 20 January 2013

JAWBONE ICON Bluetooth Headset for your iPhone in 2013

Few days ago, after receiving my iPhone 5. I tried to connect my phone to my tiny NOKIA bluetooth headset but failed, so I thought maybe just maybe iPhone has also limit their bluetooth headset only to certain brands registered to APPLE.

So I decided to get me a new piece, as me driving without my hands free head set make me uncomfortable to drive while talking over the phone, especially when the call is urgent. As I entered to one of MAC retail outlet, I quickly asked if there are any bluetooth head set for my iPhone, and the staff introduced me JAWBONE. one of the brand which they have just ordered. I read about JAWBONE before about the quality of sound it produces, and the staff there told me that JAWBONE brand popularity is on the rise.  Then I answered OK....

So here is my review...

The Bluetooth headset piece comes in a box contains charger set, a USB cable several pieces of ear sponge, and 2 sizes of rubber made ear plug/earbud and a piece of ear hook, user manual and most of all the JAWBONE bluetooth headpiece, all fitted into one small box.

This is the piece that I have tested with my iPhone5...the quality of the sound produce by this tiny, classy look headpiece is superb. The music and song played when listen via this great piece is crystal clear,I guess that is why the box as printed reads Superior Quality HD SOUND.... yes indeed the sound is superior...

So I tested the quality of voice when talking over the phone...the voice quality produces by JAWBONE headpiece is a superb as listening to the music. The voice quality has been enhance when you are talking hand free, so how does JAWBONE create such a quality sound? here are some of the feature that JAWBONE has incorporated into its quality piece...


Jawbone® ICON™ is equipped with military-grade NoiseAssassin® 2.5 with wind reduction, the best noise cancellation technology that money can buy. Originally developed for use by tank commanders and helicopter pilots, NoiseAssassin is a proprietary technology that eliminates unwanted background noise when you talk on the phone. It gives you the freedom to enjoy quiet phone conversations in places you previously couldn't. Jawbone headsets are the only Bluetooth® headsets with a Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) that literally feels your speech vibrations. As a result, Jawbone ICON delivers unmatched speech quality and eliminates virtually all background noise.


Unlike any other Bluetooth headset, Jawbone ICON is intelligent and updatable, which means that ICON only gets better with time. How? Thanks to MyTALK, our free, one-of-a-kind platform that lets you try different apps, personalize settings and download the latest and greatest features and software updates. Just sign into MyTALK, plug in your headset and sync whatever apps and updates you want.

To know more about JAWBONE features... click here

The price in Malaysia well particularly in Sabah state cost about MYR385. 

IPhone5 Battery Drains so fast after IOS 6.0.2

Hi Readers,

It has been a while since my last post, and that was more than a month ago my post was about the new iPhone is coming to Malaysia. Now our Company just Celebrated our 25th Anniversary and to welcome this auspicious occasion, our CEO has decided to present us a gift, that is everyone of us will receive 1 unit of iPhone5. 

We were so excited to receive this special anniversary gift. upon receiving it we couldn't get our hands off from the new iPhone5, going through all the settings and features make us very proud to owned an iPhone.

I checked the IOS version and it is 6.0.2, the latest update of the IOS version for iPhone 5. this IOS version was supposedly meant to resolved the issues of wifi experience by iPhone users. but some how it creates another problem, which at first I thought is is normal. as I recharged my phone to 100% which I checked at 0339am, by 0735am somehow the battery dropped to 97%. So as I monitored the battery behaviour I tried browsing through my emails, and after 10-20minutes of email browsing the battery dropped to 87% another 20% of battery drained by just browsing through my emails, which I did not experienced it with my Galaxy Note though the battery did dropped with my Note, but not as much as 20%. 

As I search over the internet, most iPhone users after upgrading to IOS 6.0.2 most of them are experiencing fast battery drained even with less activity on their iPhone. 

I guess each time when APPLE tried to resolved some issues of their OS or IOS, there will definitely be another issues triggered, this is the same for me after I upgrade my Mac Book from OSx LION to OSx Mountain Lion, which also experiencing batter drained issue. some how they manage to came up with a patch solution to resolved the batter drained issue. Somehow for the iPhone battery issue, there are still no new about APPLE is looking into the problem yet. 

Desperate with solution I found this from about a solution on how to resolve the battery problem. this was after muka3d had contacting APPLE support, bare in mind this is just a possible solution. so I have tried it...and lets see what will be the result is.

A possible solution might have been provided from forum member muka3d, after a contacting Apple Support:

1. Close all of my apps (using the app switcher; double tap home, press and hold an icon, click the red close button);

2. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. (Does NOT delete apps or any data; just resets network/iOS settings);

3. Wait for phone to restart;

4. Charge it up to 100 percent and monitor. Muka3d noted that his iPhone 5 with the iOS 6.0.2 update has been "working perfectly and battery levels are great," adding only one percent of battery life was lost in 12 hours.

Any comment to any iPhone users out there, please share your experience after upgrading to IOS6.0.2, or any solution that might work to resolved this issue.

Thank you for your comments and tip....

Thursday, 13 December 2012

iPhone 5 in Malaysia - 14th December 2012

Last Monday, I decided to bring along a friend of mine to visit one of our local premier retail MAC outlet in Suria KK Shopping Mall. Our earlier intention was to have a hand on look on the new mini iPad.

As we arrived at the outlet, there are 2 units of mini iPad, the Black and White colour. we tested the function and features of the mini iPad. The Physical design of the new mini is to me personally not bad, though the original large screen iPad is great, but for easy travelling and hand carry the mini is more suitable for me.

The technical specification for the mini is more towards iPad2 only the size and the docking socket format is differ from it old iPad version. As we chat with the Rep, he mention that the items are all sold out on the launched day, they had to limit the purchasing to a 1 user 1 unit only, both outlet in Suria and 1Borneo Technocrat are fully out of stock and were unable to confirmed when will their next supply arrive. 

We later talked about the new iPhone5, as confirmed the new iPhone 5 will be launched on the 14th December 2012. He further comment that it will be another long queue as everyone in Sabah will definitely wanting to be the first one in Sabah to owned an iPhone 5. 

As I browse further on the 3 key Cellular operator in Malaysia, they have also announce that the new iPhone will be launch on the 14th December 2012. All three (Celcom, Digi, Maxis) has their iPhone5 plan roll out for their loyal customer. 

Basically these are the technical specification for the all new iPhone 5: 

iPhone 5

  • 4.0" Retina Display
  • Resolution 640x1136px
  • 112g in weight
  • 2x 1.5Ghz CPU
  • Download speed at 70Mbps
  • Battery talk time up to 8Hours (3G)
  • 8Megapixel iSight Panorama Camera
  • Run on iOS6

Sunday, 2 December 2012

My 300th Post..


I just posted my 300th Blog post around 4am this morning. I was not aware of it in the first place, but as I go through all my previous post list I can't believe that around 1 year 3 month ago since my first post and now today I never thought that I can reach this far. 

All Thanks to my readers whom I considered my friends who has visited my blog page. You have made me believed that my short term blogging is now going to be a long term passion. 

Thank you for the comments you have left, your comments is also one of the reason for me to continue blogged what ever information I found interesting, funny and share the knowledge and information as well as my personal thought about certain topic to all my friends out there.

Cyberspacely speaking, blogging is all about sharing and communicating over in the internet. blogging also promotes ones creativity in writing on a certain topic, nobody is wrong here yet no one is also right, but blogging is also a way where we can discuss, share comments just about everything and being corrected should our sharing contradict the actual facts.

Thank you my friends once again, my utmost gratitude for your support. keep blogging and keep sharing. 

Windows 8 at 1Borneo

Hi friends,

It has been a while since my last post about my personal opinion or review about Skyfall.. Anyway, last Friday I went to one of our nearest shopping mall from my resident and visited ICT Fiesta Fair at lower ground floor. 

After having a short visit, and found several items that are interesting, on my way out I stop for a moment and having a chat with one of the participant booth. Here's how it begins. After having known a preview of Windows 8 features and capability over YouTube. I thought I'd have a hands on experienced and introduction from the marketeer of Windows 8 rep.

Basically Windows 8 can be used either a laptop or a PC with a touch screen or none touch screen capability, but with a minimum 1Gb of RAM Windows 8 can works wonders on your PC or Laptop or even your ultra slim Notebook with or without touch screen Windows gives you instant access to your application. Unlike to traditional Windows format it predecessor Windows 7 the 8th generation Windows is moving towards widget format. 

Each widget or icon provides instant updates, for instant if you saved your favourite online news portal if your are constantly connected, or the moment of are reconnected to the internet via WiFi your icon news portal will be updated instantly, this means that you no longer required to refreshed it manually. According to the rep for Windows 8, the icon will flipped in a way it is updated to the latest news flash. 

Having getting used to the traditional format, Microsoft has decided to remained it so that its users can always switched to either the tiles + Widget + Iconic format or back to the safe and traditional way of accessing your favourite apps.

Another interesting about Windows 8 is that with Skydrive it allows you to upload all your Apps, your favourite photos, email into could storage hosted by Skydrive and seamlessly download into your windows run devices and gadget, with this feature being integrated into Windows 8. Micrisoft has finally made it possible for its users to experience the meaning of seamless mobility. 

Windows 8 is also said to be more secure than ever, other than the traditional way (userid + Password) of accessing your Windows, you can also create your own pattern as an option to access your Windows. 

In this ICT Fiesta which begins on the 30th November to 3rd December. With special limited time promo, you can upgrade your current windows to the latest generation 8th with a special rate of  RM298.00. I ask them if I were to run my current Windows XP Pro will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8, according the her yes as long as you have 1GB RAM, a 20Gig HD Storage, good graphic card. you can easily upgrade your windows to the latest edition Windows 8. 

Windows 8 comes in 2 version the Windows for normal user, basically its a home version, and the other is a Windows 8 Pro. 

I havent really experience Windows 8 yet, by looking at the intro. Windows has started to get more interesting, with Windows 8 Microsoft is now begin to make competition in the OS market even hotter.

So tell me what you think about Windows 8, share us your thoughts.  

Monday, 5 November 2012

SKYFALL - My Review

Yesterday after my wife finishes her Permanent Head Damage (PhD) 1st exam I decided to take her for a release tension activity, just for the two of us spending our sweet time together without our 2 princesses..guess what watching 007 latest secrete mission Code Name "SKYFALL"

I decided to take the 0415pm movie but the counter lady said, we still have few seats left but the the front row...well nobody want to watch such a great movie by sitting front row...way up in front.... of the screen, as I said watching 007 by looking up the ceiling just as if I am waiting for the sky to I decided to take the 0540pm movie....and paid the lady RM24.00 for two persons, and took my wife for a Japanese food, I ate sushi and my wife ordered her fav dish Japanese Soup Curry Rice..

Later we wondering around until its time for us to enter the Cinema...its room #4.. we entered just before 0540pm.

As the room light deemed...the movie start with a usual action thriller movie did not begin with a Bang is not an action movie (my personal Opinion)... before the SKYFALL Theme song begin,
sang by Adele,

James Bond was assigned to retrieve the hard drive that contains all list of NATO/MI6 filed agents, he was shot several times and by the enemy in pursuit but later gunned down by friendly shot from another backup new MI6 agent, this is because Mother ordered the shot..

M : "Take the Bloody Shot!!!"then there was a moment of Silence...........New Agent : Agent down...I repeat agent down..Theme Song....SKYFALL ...... and in return the new agent was to partly blamed for killing 007....

Few month later after 007 is actually still alive, enjoying his life somewhere outside MI6 surveillance and was pronounce dead in action..

Guess what was the only item that survives from the blast of M office which eventual destroyed the MI6 HQ in London...

While on the way back to MI6 HQ from a briefed meeting Mallory about her early retirement proposal, M refused as she is the kind a person that never leave her trash behind for some else to clean it up for her...especially when it involve the death of an agent code name 007, after being stuck in a road block.. they received a message from HQ that their system is being hacked and soon '.......Kabooooom....." MI6 HQ being attacked by cyber terrorist....

After watching from the news about the attack on MI6 HQ, inside M residence... 
JB : 007 reporting for a bottle of scotch in his hand....
M : Where The hell have you been..?
JB : Enjoying Death....

Well this latest Bond Movie has been partly about resurrection, partly about new introduction to the MI6 members and also the reveal of James Bond is actually his real name?...

Why SkyFall is also Resurrection?

  • Well Bond was shot and was presume dead in action and was saved and return to England and reporting for duty..

  • The resurrection of the classic ASTON MARTIN DB5 "BMT216A" car used by Sean Connery in the 1967  Bond movie "GoldFinger" This car was fitted with a bullet prove windows, a revolving license plate defence mechanism and the Seat ejector located at the gear knob. when Daniel Craig tried to used it when M keep complaining about the comfortably of the old BD5.

  • Skyfall movie being produce in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary James Bond movie. most of the quotes came from bits and pieces from most of the previous Bond movies. Like the exploding pen from the Movie Golden Eye cast by Pierce Brosnan, where one of the villain was a computer geek/hacker who have a tendency to click is pen 3 time as he gets excited, and Bond killed him with his exploding pen that contains Class-Four grenade.

Why I mentioned about could 007's real name is James Bond?

Well remember there is a scene after M and Kincade one of James Bond family dear friend care taker of the Family estate. as Silva passed by a cemetery where lies the parents of James Bond, I cant really recall what was the name being carved at the tomb near the old chapel where Kincade and M escaped to. But I am pretty sure it was the Late Mr. Mrs Bond. passed away in a mountain climbing trip, while Bond was at the age of 11.

After the helicopter crashed into the estate mansion caused by the blast created by James Bond after being repeatedly bomb by silva's hand grenade. The rock debre from the blast hit the helicopter later crashed into the Skyfall mansion.

Why SKYFALL was also partly an introduction to the new Member of MI6?

Well first of all, after Bond was gunned down in a friendly fire during a mission to retrieve the Hard Drive. M was call to a brief meeting with mallory talking about an early retirement with full honour to her long outstanding service, and was asked to prepare herself for an interim transition until her new replacement has been appointed to head the MI6 00 special division.    

Mallory has been showing a good or should I say a strong sense of character as the next replacement to head this special 00 division in MI6, but was not revealed until the end of the show. well wouldn't it be so obvious Mallory for M? LoL

This is the first time Bond met his young Q...

Specially designed by Q for Bonds mission weapon..which he never had the chance to used... lost it in a fight in Shanghai..

The introduction of new MI6 Q = Quartermaster for the 00 division..  its a young geek guy unlike the old fashioned scientist but one thing remain the famous Q quotes "Q: please do try to return this  equipment in one piece"...well you know bond always return his mission gadget either in one piece or in several pieces for the Q branch to reassemble it.....

The New Ms MoneyPenny
Also the new introduction of Eve which later reveal to be the new Ms Money Penny, this of course after she turned down an offer to be reassigned as field agent. 


Though this is a more actioned pack Bond with shooting location includes Turkey where it all begins...then later returned to London after the attacked of MI6 HQ, after passing his failed physical and psychological test Bond was assigned to his first mission in Shanghai...the fight brings him back to his family estate in Scotland where the war end with Silva was stab with a knife from his back in an old chapel.

Silva knew that after he had cyberly attacked the MI6 HQ in the heart of London, he knew that they would setup up the new Temporary MI6 HQ under this old bunker build during Churchill era....he basically let himself to get caught just to get closed to M, and eventually try to vent out his anger by attempted to kill M face to face. How he did it? well as I said from this part on the scenes are all somewhat predictable.  

This was the attempt by Q to access the encrypted code inside Silva laptop. according to Q the software was designed by him by was modified to attacked MI6. soon after Bond identify the key to the encrypted software, "Grandborough" subsequently was the key used to release SIlva from the highly secured temporary MI6 Liar.. 

The movie is also to me is partly easily predictable, it started somewhere in the middle of the of the movie after Silva was apprehended by MI6 and was brought to temporary old underground secrete base used by Churchill during the world war II era, from here it was all predictable towards the end, having said this this is still one of the best Bond movie a combination of Death, Resurrection, Revelation, Introduction and we will see a new and modern Bond characters in the coming Bond franchise movie, This is to me a 2 hour 30minutes Bond movie worth watching.

 James Bond and the Bond Girls
James Bond "Skyfall" Bond Girls

The cast members of 2012 James Bond 007 "SkyFall"

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weirdest Clock ever..

Ever seen a clock that is so deformed and weird and yet is weirdness and deformity still gives you the time you need to know? In other words creativity never failed to impress everyone, and somehow creativity always makes us question will these designs work for us let alone will it work in the real world.

Today's post I was intrigue with the design of clocks, is the a weird design all in the name of creativity out there? and look what I have found over the internet. Looks like there are clocks that are so weird in design yet in its original functionality still give you the exact time indicator.

Lets see the Top 10 clock design which I personally consider it as weird yet from creative arts point of view it does look great when hanging it on you house and office walls.


This is one of my favourite, I tried to calculate the math on the clock and the answer are exactly the time of a real clock...

This clock face is actually blank, you can write anything you want on this clock, I guess that is why it is called sentence maker wall clock.

I don't think this is suitable for wall is more suitable a table clock...or maybe you can put it on a bookshelves together with all your books...just make sure that nobody accidentally take the wrong reading material from your bookshelves.

CONTINUE TIME by: Sander Mulder

On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and fully functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours.




MIHN CLOCK By:James Tobin
 Mhin is made from ceramic (body), rubber and metal (‘hands’). Its function and form constitutes a solid simplicity not firmly set in any era or movement. These decisions were made in order to aid longevity and ensure that the design intent remains intact over time.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling Betrayed by Apple's unexpected launched of the new iPad 4?

Yes, it was a surprise to me either that how can Apple launches their new iPad although I don't owned an iPad yet, since I am also an APPLE brand user, I share your frustration. 5 month earlier that the last revelation of  iPad 3 is too early, imagine if I just bought my newest gadget iPad 3 which makes me one of the proud owner..then suddenly the announcement of iPad 4 launched came 2 days later....uurrrrrgh.... won't that be another 1000% frustration to me..... I might not going to forgive APPLE that easily... Lets see what are the significant differences between the 2 iPads..

basically these are the only significant comparison between the two iPads, If you ask me the only blow to me if I just purchased my iPad3 is the CPU chip and the camera/video resolution and most of all I what kills me is the price...despite the difference in processor type and the video resolution there is no difference in pricing, as quoted by "The iPad 4 comes in at the same price of the iPad 3"

Anyway regardless of what the CPU type is or any other differences as long as your iPad served you well then it wont matter which version you have. But if you really crazy about changing your new iPad, why not sell your iPad 3 with slightly about the price of iPad 2 then just add the differences and you'll have you new iPad 4 in your hand...but to those who just bought your iPad 3 few days ago..hang on to that who know the next iPad 5 will comes in next year, you'll never know the sudden wind of change in the APPLE's world.

Like I mentioned earlier be it iPad 3 or iPad 4, as long as you iPad served you according to you expectation. everything should be just fine...