Saturday, 14 January 2012

Inside A380...World Largest Passenger Airlines..

In my whole life since the official launch reveal of Airbus A380 to the world, I have only seen the largest Airbus in the world once. that was when I was in Singapore for training, but can really recall what year was it maybe somewhere in 2007, but I believed it was Singapore 1st delivery of A380.

I was so huge, almost a high as the airport itself maybe slightly even higher than the airport. Since it is one of the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the interior design is definitely as luxurious as the record title of the aircraft. it like a flying hotel some may call it.. but since the purpose of every proud owner of this Aircraft, to make it as comfortable as possible as private as possible when you have a first class service. to me this is like a flying bungalow...

Anyway Singapore Airlines (The First in the world to owned this prestigious A380), then Qantas, Lufthansa,  Korean Air, Emirates, China Southern Airlines, Air France.

Malaysia national carriers Malaysia Airlines System is reported to be in the list of A380 proud owner this year 2012, and will a at least 6 A380 in orders.

Below are some of the interior design of A380, I am not the owner of these photos. to all my readers these photos remains the original owners of those of have taken these picture. These photos posted is not meant for commercial used but solely for informational used and for everyone to admire the interior designs of the aircraft and those who took these photos..

I hope one day, I will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and comfort of the A380 and to everyone who has the chance to experience on board of flight A380..please do share us your wonderful experience..

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  1. Wish I can have that experience of viewing this wonderful airline.


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