Thursday, 13 December 2012

iPhone 5 in Malaysia - 14th December 2012

Last Monday, I decided to bring along a friend of mine to visit one of our local premier retail MAC outlet in Suria KK Shopping Mall. Our earlier intention was to have a hand on look on the new mini iPad.

As we arrived at the outlet, there are 2 units of mini iPad, the Black and White colour. we tested the function and features of the mini iPad. The Physical design of the new mini is to me personally not bad, though the original large screen iPad is great, but for easy travelling and hand carry the mini is more suitable for me.

The technical specification for the mini is more towards iPad2 only the size and the docking socket format is differ from it old iPad version. As we chat with the Rep, he mention that the items are all sold out on the launched day, they had to limit the purchasing to a 1 user 1 unit only, both outlet in Suria and 1Borneo Technocrat are fully out of stock and were unable to confirmed when will their next supply arrive. 

We later talked about the new iPhone5, as confirmed the new iPhone 5 will be launched on the 14th December 2012. He further comment that it will be another long queue as everyone in Sabah will definitely wanting to be the first one in Sabah to owned an iPhone 5. 

As I browse further on the 3 key Cellular operator in Malaysia, they have also announce that the new iPhone will be launch on the 14th December 2012. All three (Celcom, Digi, Maxis) has their iPhone5 plan roll out for their loyal customer. 

Basically these are the technical specification for the all new iPhone 5: 

iPhone 5

  • 4.0" Retina Display
  • Resolution 640x1136px
  • 112g in weight
  • 2x 1.5Ghz CPU
  • Download speed at 70Mbps
  • Battery talk time up to 8Hours (3G)
  • 8Megapixel iSight Panorama Camera
  • Run on iOS6

Sunday, 2 December 2012

My 300th Post..


I just posted my 300th Blog post around 4am this morning. I was not aware of it in the first place, but as I go through all my previous post list I can't believe that around 1 year 3 month ago since my first post and now today I never thought that I can reach this far. 

All Thanks to my readers whom I considered my friends who has visited my blog page. You have made me believed that my short term blogging is now going to be a long term passion. 

Thank you for the comments you have left, your comments is also one of the reason for me to continue blogged what ever information I found interesting, funny and share the knowledge and information as well as my personal thought about certain topic to all my friends out there.

Cyberspacely speaking, blogging is all about sharing and communicating over in the internet. blogging also promotes ones creativity in writing on a certain topic, nobody is wrong here yet no one is also right, but blogging is also a way where we can discuss, share comments just about everything and being corrected should our sharing contradict the actual facts.

Thank you my friends once again, my utmost gratitude for your support. keep blogging and keep sharing. 

Windows 8 at 1Borneo

Hi friends,

It has been a while since my last post about my personal opinion or review about Skyfall.. Anyway, last Friday I went to one of our nearest shopping mall from my resident and visited ICT Fiesta Fair at lower ground floor. 

After having a short visit, and found several items that are interesting, on my way out I stop for a moment and having a chat with one of the participant booth. Here's how it begins. After having known a preview of Windows 8 features and capability over YouTube. I thought I'd have a hands on experienced and introduction from the marketeer of Windows 8 rep.

Basically Windows 8 can be used either a laptop or a PC with a touch screen or none touch screen capability, but with a minimum 1Gb of RAM Windows 8 can works wonders on your PC or Laptop or even your ultra slim Notebook with or without touch screen Windows gives you instant access to your application. Unlike to traditional Windows format it predecessor Windows 7 the 8th generation Windows is moving towards widget format. 

Each widget or icon provides instant updates, for instant if you saved your favourite online news portal if your are constantly connected, or the moment of are reconnected to the internet via WiFi your icon news portal will be updated instantly, this means that you no longer required to refreshed it manually. According to the rep for Windows 8, the icon will flipped in a way it is updated to the latest news flash. 

Having getting used to the traditional format, Microsoft has decided to remained it so that its users can always switched to either the tiles + Widget + Iconic format or back to the safe and traditional way of accessing your favourite apps.

Another interesting about Windows 8 is that with Skydrive it allows you to upload all your Apps, your favourite photos, email into could storage hosted by Skydrive and seamlessly download into your windows run devices and gadget, with this feature being integrated into Windows 8. Micrisoft has finally made it possible for its users to experience the meaning of seamless mobility. 

Windows 8 is also said to be more secure than ever, other than the traditional way (userid + Password) of accessing your Windows, you can also create your own pattern as an option to access your Windows. 

In this ICT Fiesta which begins on the 30th November to 3rd December. With special limited time promo, you can upgrade your current windows to the latest generation 8th with a special rate of  RM298.00. I ask them if I were to run my current Windows XP Pro will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8, according the her yes as long as you have 1GB RAM, a 20Gig HD Storage, good graphic card. you can easily upgrade your windows to the latest edition Windows 8. 

Windows 8 comes in 2 version the Windows for normal user, basically its a home version, and the other is a Windows 8 Pro. 

I havent really experience Windows 8 yet, by looking at the intro. Windows has started to get more interesting, with Windows 8 Microsoft is now begin to make competition in the OS market even hotter.

So tell me what you think about Windows 8, share us your thoughts.