Sunday, 9 October 2011

My 3 year old daughter says...Daddy liked her new sister klarissa and don't like Kendra (indirectly she says I am showing favoritism)..

Dear Readers...

4 days ago, to be exact it was on the 5th October 2011. we welcome our 2nd lovely daughter at 0240pm local time (hehehe...) and we named her Klarissa Elisha Foo she weighted about 3.65Kg.

So after 3 days 2 nights stay at the Sabah Medical Center (SMC), the doctor who attended and make everything went well Before---> During ----> After delivery is Dr. Krishen. He is a good and great doctor.
Anyway back to to topic of today's subject..

Kendra is so excited and welcome her younger sister with an open heart. after we gave her a present and told her that baby sister Klarissa bought a present for her eldest sister just now.. Kendra was so excited and happy about her new present... actually we bought her a baby doll. Until yesterday she loved her Sister Klarissa, always willing to help us to get the dypers, kissed her, wanted to sleep beside her and cuddle her. so  any parents wanted to try this, go ahead it is a good idea to avoid jealousy toward the other sibling when a new baby arrived. this is just one of the way and I am sure there are other ways to avoid jealousy among the younger sibling.

So Last night, I scolded my daughter, some even mildly punish her, I punish and scolded here just because she was so excited to be with her sister and that is ok for me but jumping beside her sister was a little bit too excited. At first I told her nicely and my message was ignored, 2nd..3rd...4th....5th.... times and losing my patience, so I started to increase my her the can (we called it Rotan), and yes I did slightly canned her at her shoulder side, she was crying hard...while at the same time I scolded her..later I left her with her mother while I went to prepare for her formula (milk).

As soon as I went in to the room my wife told me "....your daughter told me that daddy like mei-mei klarissa (sister Klarissa)...daddy dont like me..." I was so shock a 3 year old have in their back of their mind that daddy is showing favoritism... To avoid a matter turns worse.. I explain to her that daddy loved both mei-mei Klarissa and Kendra. but if mei-mei Klarissa naughty and dont want to listed daddy also punish mei-mei, and explain to her daddy don't want Kendra to get hurt or accidentally hurt mei-mei. took me about 15-20minutes maybe to explain then she finally talk to me...phew...a closed call...if I ignore the signal what would a 3 year old do to a little baby just because of jealousy.....

Now a days, I think it is important that we explain to our little kids tell them explain to them why we scold them, where they have done wrong. especially when there is a new member in the family..

I will post my 2 daughter photos soon... Thank you for you time taken to read my post...

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