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The basic steps to relax your Mind - Body - Soul

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In My earlier post, I talked about the steps to photo reading, since my first post related to the same topic explain briefly that photo reading is a new way to speed reading, so I thought why not look for the steps on how photo reading can be practice. and I found the steps from and decided to post this in my blog for your fun reading and maybe gained a few insights on how photo reading can make us improve our speed reading.

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Now, since part of photo reading involved relaxing your mind, forget about any worried and anxiety that might distract our concentration. then I said to my self why not I look for information about the steps to relax your mind, body and soul. So here it is. I hope you find it useful.

I have tried this several time few years back and it really works, but I preferred to include soft classical our Kenny G sax theme behind as I continue to mediate and relax my self, but any soft music will work as long as you concentrate. I think I better start using this technique again...

5 Simple and Effective Steps to Relax Your Body and Calm Your Nerves
1. Close your eyes, and sit up straight in your chair (office) or lie flat on your back (bed)
2. Place one or both hands on your stomach right above your belly button
3. Breath in through your nose slowly and deeply so you can feel your stomach rising with your hand
4. Hold for a split second, then slowly exhale through your nose and feel your stomach go back down
5. Repeat for about 3-5 minutes or as much time as you can spare
In one of my post I talk about our employer organised a wellness program, a program for all staff to build the awareness of health,diet,relaxation,exercise. in that program one of the session involve relaxation, with soft music to go with the session. I cant imagine it has been like only a few minutes but actually the whole session takes almost 1 hour.. and the we are so relax until my concentration was interrupted by the sound of snoring behind me, the snoring was so loud that even the instructor ask us"...did anyone hear a snoring sound just now..." we were laughing and I sure know who that colleague of mine snoring...LoL.
Additional Notes

  1. The reason for putting your hand on your stomach is to ensure that you are breathing deeply. By focusing on your breathing and stomach during this exercise, you will ensure that you are taking deep, full breaths that you can feel throughout your entire body.
  2. While breathing through your nose, it helps if you count on each inhale and exhale. This helps you focus entirely on your breathing, keeping your racing mind and wandering thoughts at bay for a few minutes.
  3. start out with smaller or larger second counts depending on your current breathing habits. Just make sure your exhale is slightly longer than your inhale, and you can experiment with different techniques that you feel work best for your body.
  4. If you stop and take a few minutes to incorporate this exercise into your daily routine, you will feel a big difference right away. Your mind will be clearer, your body will be more efficient and alert, and you will have more patience with your demanding boss who's asking, "Why are you sitting at your desk with your eyes closed?!".

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