Thursday, 13 September 2012

iPhone 5 versus iPhone 4s

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With the launched of new iPhone 5, the nail biting wait has finally ended. APPLE's CEO Tim Cook has announce in his key note that the new generation in APPLE smartphone dubbed iPhone 5 / New iPhone experiencing a full revamp in design concept. 

It is expected that with this latest edition of iPhone 5 which to hit the market with its first batch to be launched at the UK, France,Germany,Canada,Japan,Hong Kong and Singapore by 21st September, The new iPhone will hit another records high in sales, and when the 2nd batch of launching to hit the whole world by end of 2012, iPhone 5 will definitely shattered every sales record in Apple's history.  

Quoting Apple, “iPhone 5 is the best smartphone we have made”, looking at the features and specifications, it seems quite true. Here is a comparison of the new iPhone 5 and the predecessor iPhone 4S.

Lets have a quick look on a side-by-side comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. 

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According to the new iPhone 5 only accepts nano sim card format. if that is the case then the whole world will have problem in marketing the iPhone 5. besides the nano sim card format is not yet available anywhere around the world yet, that is what I am aware of unless the are telco operator has already adopt the new version of Sim Format which is 40% smaller that the existing Micro Sim format. luckily Apple finally decided to drop the initial plan of using nano-sim card format in their latest iPhone 5. 

Now its back to micro sim format. below are the size comparison of nano-sim format with the normal sim card and the existing micro sim card format. 

imagine the size, could it be the iPhone 5 will be much slimmer if they were to proceed with the nano sim format?...we'll have to wait the next iPhone 6 and once the nano sim is widely available every way around the world.

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With IGB of RAM size, combine with A6 processor chip, has made the iPhone response speed improved tremendously. 

To read more about full technical spec about the new iPhone 5 visit 

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