Sunday, 30 September 2012

USS John C Stennis Aircraft Carrier CVN74 is in Kota Kinabalu...


This morning as I was heading to the grocery shop and bought a daily news, and found out that there is an aircraft carrier now in Malaysia-Sabah water.

300 luck VIPs have the once in a life time opportunity to visit the one of America's largest Aircraft carrier, a Nimitz class Nimitz class carriers mean that this is one of America's largest carriers and is also world largest Nuclear power Carrier, entering this carrier as I once watched it over the Discovery Channel its like a floating city.

So although I did not manage to go on board of the carrier, I manage to grab my 300mm lens and take a few shots of this carrier.

This is my lucky day, being able to witness the actual physical view of the carrier itself, it's just amazing to watched it even from afar....

USS John C Stennis - Homeport is in Bermeton Washington. If I am not mistaken it mean where this carrier is assigned to

USS John C Stennis is a NIMITZ Class Carrier meaning this is one of the largest aircraft carrier in the world. Basically Nimitz Class carrier are Nuclear-powered vessel.
Deck view where the jets are being displayed and ready to take off when needed.

USS John Stennis consist of 100 trained Pilot, 70 planes (F/A 18F Super Hornet, F/A 18C Hornets, E2C Hawkeye, C02A Greyhound, EA-6B Prowler,Knighthawk Helicopter, Seahawk Helicopter)

Full view of the USS John C Stennis CVN74 (Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Facebook Gift Page..(Coming Soon)


Welcome back, its been a while since my last post, well lately I have been busy going outing with my friends a photography outing. I was fun taking photo's of nature and all photos posted on my photoblog page 

Anyway, today as I was looking a Apple's CEO apology message on their latest fallout on the newest IOS 6 map apps which I personally considered it as a disaster, but later in his apology message Tim Cook include several recommendation an alternative to Apple Map App. Hopefully Apple will finally announce an improved version of their very own map apps. This is Apple's first attempt to produce their very own map apps, to successfully launch it is one thing, and to have a error free app in such a short time will not be an easy task, as I mention this is their very first attempt...

Back to my Key title of todays blog post, new has it that Facebook will soon be launching their very own gift site, called is not mistaken facebook Gift site. it will definitely inside the currently running facebook site. Looks like its good bye virtual gift from Facebook, here come the Real Gift...

Looks like facebook is taking full use to its already famous social media sites, and when this comes in most of the major company will be taking full advantage via Facebook to market their product since they already have a facebook account and all they have to do is apply and let facebook do all the marketing for you...

Now I wonder how the packaging will look like will it comes in a package of facebook or from the product company itself, we'll just have to wait and see when Facebook finally launches their latest social media marketing site.

To know more about this latest application from facebook click here Facebook gift  

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Motorala RAZRi..

Today as I was driving to my office. I heard over the radio that Motorola has launched their latest mobile smartphone in response to iPhone 5 which was launch a week ago, it is also hope to compete with Samsung Galaxy SIII. This is the first product produced by Motorola Mobility since being purchased by Google for $12.5billion. 

The Product was unveiled in London. The new smartphone by Motorola Mobility is named RAZRi. The new Motorola smartphone, which has a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen and uses Google’s Android software. According to Andrew Morley, their latest design will have a battery life for 20 hours, which is 40% more  powerful than the iPhone 4s.

The smartphone will be Motorola first smartphone that featured an Intel Processor, whit a speed of up to 2.0 Gigahertz, and run on Android OS.

According to "The 4.3-inch display on the front is bright and vibrant. It's AMOLED, so has that rich, slightly over-saturated look to it, but there really is very little bezel around it.

It's launching with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Motorola told us today there would be an upgrade, sadly to say that there will be no 4G support in the UK.   

The Motorola RAZRi will be launch this October in on selective markets like France, UK,Mexico,Brazil and Argentina, This launch will be the biggest product launch event from Motorola Mobility since RAZR, added Andrew Morley.

I wonder could this be the next big player in the Smartphone market? with Apple has the advantage of because of the Cupertino based company produce both the hardware as well as their OS called iOS, with the latest version has been release and ready for download. 

With Motorola which owned by the internet giant Google as their hardware  creator and their Google open OS dubbed the name Android which is widely used by other smartphone industry player, and the latest release will the Android 4.1 dubbed the name Jelly Bean. will Google and Motorola be the next player after APPLE? we'll have to wait and see the success of their RAZRi...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Would you go for a $9 bike?

Ever imagine of riding a $9 recycle bike? well according to one creator of this cheapest bicycle ever invented. the bicycle that cost between $9 to $15 is made out of recycle cardboard. 

The sound of the ‘cardboard’ in its name may give the impression that the bicycle is not fit for actual biking. Well, that’s the surprising part: this bicycle can bear weights up to 300-lbs, thus letting you easily pedal around on it without the fear of cracking it up.

Wow 300 pounds, that like 136kg. that really heavy weight to carry for a cardboard, and since this is a cardboard made bicycle, then for sure this bike is definitely not suitable to racing, instead this is more suitable for transportation purposes. taking you from point A to point B. 

According to its creator Izhar Gafni, with the minimump price of $9, looking from a humanitarian angle, this bicycle is suitable for the third world country. Imagine with just $9 per bicycle how many bicycle can we donate with $100 that about 99 bicycle meaning there are 99 happy kids.

Judging from a commercial angle, the bicycle can be customise according to your suitability,giving reseller an unimagined amount of profit.

I wonder how much would this going to cost us if it ever reaches the malaysian market.....

lets see the bicycle key material "Cardboard"..

Canon EOS 6D is officially Announced..


yesterday or in fact earlier this morning, I wrote about a post which was related to the official announcement of several new product from the Canon side.

Also include in my post was about the technical specification about the Canon EOS 6D since the rumors first surfaced.

Now, since Canon has made it official that their latest EOS models the Canon 6D, a product response to Nikon latest Entry Level full frame DSLR the Nikon D600., according to PC World The Canon EOS 6D will be available this December for $2,099 for the body only and $2,899 for the camera and Canon's EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens.

So the one that everyone has been waiting for...what are the overall specs for the new Canon EOS 6D?

Latest on Canon 6D (Full Frame for Entry Level)


latest on the Canon entry level full frame DSLR camera. looks like there is another list of technical specification.

Since 2011, there has been rumors that Canon my response to the Nikon most anticipated entry level full frame DSLR.

Nikon has been quite sensitive to their users demand. With their latest edition of Full Frame DLSR The D800/D800E and D4. Nikon has announce that they might replaced their D300s with rumors being mentioned that D400 will be the replacement for the D300s, instead Nikon decided to produced an entry level DSLR with a much lower priced than the D800, giving the opportunity of other users wanted to have a full frame, but could not afford the D800. Finally Nikon decided to proceed with the D600 at a price of $2099. 

What do Canon has to say about the latest product release from Nikon? well since 2011 Canon rumors has been hinting that they will have their very own full frame EOS for the entry level. since then the specs has been changing here and there, but it will most likely be a feature combination between the Canon 7D and Canon 5DM3.

Here a latest updates from Canon Rumors site, Canon is going to announce several new product on the 17th September 2012. what product to expect? well according to Canon Rumors here are the products to expect during announcement.

  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon PowerShot G15
  • Canon PowerShot S110
  • Canon Pixma Pro-10
  • Canon Pixma Pro-100
  • Canon EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x (Finally Announced?)

What are the Specification? will lets have a look at the specs latest received by Canon Rumors and also I have compiled the specs for 6D right from 23rd September 2011.. 

Here is the latest spec that Canon rumors received dated on the 14th September 2012.

  • A new 20mp sensor
  • Full Frame
  • 4.5fps
  • ISO Range 100-25600
  • DIGIC5+
  • APS-C Sized body
  • Weathersealed
  • SD Card
  • Built-in Wifi & GPS
  • 11 AF Points, f/2.8 Cross-type in the center.
  • 3″ LCD
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Available December 2012
  • Price: $1999 USD Body Only (Speculated price)

lest have a look at the Specs leaked since Canon first announcement of their 6D entry level full frame EOS camera. 

Technical Specification received on the 11th September 2012

  • Does not have a flip out screen
  • It’s 4.5fps not 4.9
  • No built in flash
It’s possible that 2 cameras are being mixed up and showing up in one spec list.
More talk about an upcoming 6D
We have received a larger spec list in regards to a forthcoming Canon EOS 6D. This camera will come in between the 7D and the 5D Mark III and replace the 5D Mark II

  • 22MP full frame
  • Flip out screen, Built in flash
  • 19 pt AF, 63 zone metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 4.9 fps (Also heard 4.5fps)
  • 3 inch LCD (We’d previously heard touchscreen)
  • ISO 12,800
  • New battery and grip – new GPS and WiFi grip option.
  • Built in ‘connectivity and sharing’ software
 Technical Specification leaked dated on the 7th September 2012

A full frame EOS between the 7D and 5D Mark III with touchscreen and 20mp (most mentions have been 22mp


  • 22mp (Same sensor as 5D3)
  • 4.5 fps
  • Touchscreen
  • Same AF system as 7D
  • Lower build quality than the 5D Mark III
 Technical Specification leaked dated on the 25th July 2012

  • Two different sensor specs received (thanks) for a ‘cheaper’ FF DSLR.
  • One suggests an 18MP sensor and the other 22MP
Other features:
  • Design closer to 7D than 5D3 (smaller and with flash)
  • 7D style AF system (19 pt) and VF LCD
  • 7D metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 3.9 fps
  • 3 inch LCD
  • 51200 max ISO
  • Below $2000 USD
Technical Specification of 6D leaked on the 16th July 2012

  • 22mp (Same sensor as 5D3)
  • 19 AF Points
  • 4fps
  • ISO 100-51200
  • 3″ LCD
  • Smaller than the 5D Mark II
  • More Plastic than metal in the construction
  • Pop-Up Flash (On at least one prototype)
  • $1999 USD at launch
  • Launched with a new non-L full frame kit lens (Undisclosed what the lens is)
  • Compatible with full frame STM lenses
Technical Specification posted on the 14th May 2012

  • 21mp
  • Less weather sealing
  • lesser AF system than the 5D3
Rumors from Canon, in response to the Nikon D600 rumors of new DSLR full frame for the Entry Level dated 23rd September 2011

"One of the recent rumors has been the coming of a new full frame EOS body added to the lineup. It would be in the $2000 range. It would see a drop in megapixels from the 21 of the 5D Mark II and be solely designed for ISO performance. To meet the price point, I’d expect a modified 9 point AF (more crosstype sensors).

If the 5D3 moves up the latter in performance and price, a $2000 full frame camera at launch would be an industry first and a massive seller. Canon was the first company to break the $1000 price barrier with a DSLR, no reason they can’t do it again." ~ Canon Rumors
With all the unconfirmed specs being posted, yet all will be revealed on the 17th September 2012. Based on the latest spec being announce by Canon Rumors we all have to wait for the hand on review. judging from the spec itself there is a huge difference between the Nikon D600 as compared to the Canon 6D.

Friday, 14 September 2012

What do we have on the new iPod Touch 5G


on the 12th September 2012, APPLE unleashed not one not two but three special product announcement. the first which I have been posted since the launch is the latest edition on the iPhone 5, and it will be ship to the UK, France,Germany,Canada,Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, but the Cupertino based company will continue to shipped iPhone 4s. 

I did mentioned 2 new product launched on the 12th September 2012, which is the new iPod Touch . According to the Financial new online 

"The new iPod touch has been redesigned with a brilliant 4-inch Retina display in an ultra-thin and light anodized aluminum body—the thinnest iPod touch ever at just 6 mm thin and weighing just 88 grams. With Apple’s dual-core A5 chip inside, iPod touch delivers up to twice the processing power and up to seven times faster graphics than the fourth generation iPod touch, all while maintaining incredible battery life of up to 40 hours of music playback and up to eight hours of video playback. And, for the first time ever, iPod touch is available in five vibrant colors."

The new iPod touch comes with a preinstalled latest version of the iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 200 features, and for the first time, features Siri, the intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. Similar to the new iPhone 5, the upgraded version to Siri arrives on the new iPod touch with support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings. Since the iOS 6 has a built-in Facebook like the iPhone 5 your iPod touch will also have the ability allow you to to post  FB updates directly from Siri; Shared Photo Streams via iCloud; and other key iOS features like iMessage, FaceTime a new features that allows you to perform video chat, Mail and Game Center. Now you can wirelessly display your iPod touch screen right on your HDTV with AirPlay Mirroring and this is new the older version of iPod Touch does not have this capability, it also allows you to stream photos, videos, music, apps and play games on your big screen TV. 

After the launch the new iOS 6 will be available for download on the 19th September 2012, and according to, "Today’s near-final Gold Master seed will likely to be shipping version of iOS 6 firmware which comes onto your iOS smartphone on September 19th when all the newly announced devices are going to be upgarded. This new GM build would be the same as it goes live with the public release on September 20, the day when iOS 6 will be available for general consumers around the world."

Lets watch a hand on review of the latest version of iPod Touch...once the new iPod Touch reaches the world, APPLE will discontinue the production of iPod Touch 4G/5G. 

Nikon D600 Fx Vs Nikon D800 Fx


As mentioned in my previous post about the all new Nikon D600 Fx format for the entry level, is a product marriage between the Nikon D7000 and Nikon D800.

This is Claimed to be the smallest + Lightest Full Frame camera that NIkon has ever produce. the features are great, though some of the features are similar to those in the Nikon D800. overall the design is mainly for those wanted to experience a full frame camera when budget is a constrain, that is why the Nikon D600 is  being introduce. 

What are the similarity, the difference between D600 and D800 apart from the build size and the megapixels..

Lets watch the video comparison below produced by SuperSafTv. The video made an impressive summary between the 2 models.  

I thought it was informative and interesting and best for me to share it with everyone..

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Canon 6D a sign of response to Nikon D600


Earlier today, Nikon has announced the latest DSLR product line The Nikon D600 dubbed the Entry Level in Fx Format.  

Briefly the new Nikon D600 comes with a 24.4MP, 39 Focus point, Maximum ISO of 64,000, comes with a build in flash, supports SD/SDHC/SDXC memory type, Max Shutter speed of 1/4000s, 5fps continuous shooting, supports full HD movie. 

In response to this new D600 Fx format product revelation from Nikon, Canon has been started to response to this new even before the official product launch announcement from Nikon. 

Canon response by coming up a new product line dubbed the Canon 6D. according to, they have just received the supposedly 6D technical spec, this could be an unofficial specs. this is what they have reported...

"We have received a larger spec list in regards to a forthcoming Canon EOS 6D. This camera will come in between the 7D and the 5D Mark III and replace the 5D Mark II"
  • 22MP full frame
  • Flip out screen, Built in flash
  • 19 pt AF, 63 zone metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 4.9 fps (Also heard 4.5fps)
  • 3 inch LCD (We’d previously heard touchscreen)
  • ISO 12,800
  • New battery and grip – new GPS and WiFi grip option.
  • Built in ‘connectivity and sharing’ software
 Latest new about the spec as reported by the technical spec update would something what is being mentioned below:

As far as the EOS 6D goes, I’ve been told a few things about the specs previously posted.

  • Does not have a flip out screen
  • It’s 4.5fps not 4.9
  • No built in flash
The Nikon D600 is a product marriage between D7000 and D800, as mentioned by canonrumors the new rumored product from Canon will be a product marriage between the D5MK3 and The Canon D7.

It is also rumored that the Canon D6 prototype is already released,  and the latest news from that the 6D DSLR will be announce soon, so could this be the month of October? 

RC (Remote Control) wonderland...


RC toys has becoming famous now a day, not only the young boys are crazy for it, even the Adult boys are craving for it...some even formed a RC club and spend the weekend with their group and enjoy the show..

But this video has bring RC toys to the next this video and tell me what you think..

No matter what this is sure one great advertisement.. Enjoy..

Nikon D600 is officially released..


With the official press conference product launch completed from the Nikon. the all new and long awaited D600 dubbed the Full frame for the entry level has finally released to the public.

Does all the rumors fits in the actual specification for the new D600? well looks like most of the rumored technical specification are almost if not exactly as it is after the official release.

When will the D600 arrived Malaysia particularly in Sabah, well we dont know yet. but for like the iPhone 5 the Nikon D600 is finally made its debut in Dubai and Thailand press conference today.

 I mentioned in my previous blog, I visited one of the camera shop frequently purchase my camera accessories and lenses, the new D600 might cost around the price of RM6k...with the price of $2099 the price might be somewhere below the price of RM8000 but above RM7000. No matter what the price will be, we will just have to wait and see once it is officially arrived the Malaysian market. 

Here is a video review of the new Nikon D600 Fx format for the entry level after the launch.

Nikon D600 Front view 
Nikon D600 Left view

Nikon D600 Right view

Nikon D600 Left view Lens

Nikon D600 Right view Lens

Nikon D600 Top view

Nikon D600 Rear/Back view

iPhone 5 versus iPhone 4s

Hi Techliners,

With the launched of new iPhone 5, the nail biting wait has finally ended. APPLE's CEO Tim Cook has announce in his key note that the new generation in APPLE smartphone dubbed iPhone 5 / New iPhone experiencing a full revamp in design concept. 

It is expected that with this latest edition of iPhone 5 which to hit the market with its first batch to be launched at the UK, France,Germany,Canada,Japan,Hong Kong and Singapore by 21st September, The new iPhone will hit another records high in sales, and when the 2nd batch of launching to hit the whole world by end of 2012, iPhone 5 will definitely shattered every sales record in Apple's history.  

Quoting Apple, “iPhone 5 is the best smartphone we have made”, looking at the features and specifications, it seems quite true. Here is a comparison of the new iPhone 5 and the predecessor iPhone 4S.

Lets have a quick look on a side-by-side comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. 

image by

According to the new iPhone 5 only accepts nano sim card format. if that is the case then the whole world will have problem in marketing the iPhone 5. besides the nano sim card format is not yet available anywhere around the world yet, that is what I am aware of unless the are telco operator has already adopt the new version of Sim Format which is 40% smaller that the existing Micro Sim format. luckily Apple finally decided to drop the initial plan of using nano-sim card format in their latest iPhone 5. 

Now its back to micro sim format. below are the size comparison of nano-sim format with the normal sim card and the existing micro sim card format. 

imagine the size, could it be the iPhone 5 will be much slimmer if they were to proceed with the nano sim format?...we'll have to wait the next iPhone 6 and once the nano sim is widely available every way around the world.

image by

With IGB of RAM size, combine with A6 processor chip, has made the iPhone response speed improved tremendously. 

To read more about full technical spec about the new iPhone 5 visit 

iPhone Reveal Day 12th September 2012...


The time has finally here...The reveal of APPLE next generation iPhone 5 dubbe the name new iPhone. I have been waiting for the even. Since I am in Malaysia the other since of the world. attending this event is definitely impossible.

Finally I found this site US Stream TV. and hope that I am able to watch it from here when APPLE CEO Tim Cook reveal the long awaited new iPhone, it is believed that the new iPhone physical has been redesigned. but sad to say that I was not able to watched it..

Now, after the launch has been long finished, all I can do now is to share with you all the physical and briefed technical specification about the new iPhone design.

After watching the video, looks to me that most of the rumors has become a reality. with the casing size, the display screen size has been completely revamp. the SiRi Apple's own voice command creation has been refined to the best possible response when it received an incoming voice command. 

Physical Design 
The thickness of the new iPhone has been reduced, to achieved this Apple design team has to fully optimised its design concept, space management is their top priority in order to produce the thinness Apple iPhone ever created. 

Not only the physical part has been revamp, the new iPhone comes with a wider display screen, allowing users of have a wider view on every aspect of the phone application, video, etc an added advantage. changing from smaller screen to a wider screen would at least reach more consumer based where their concern when it come to display screen "The wider the better"

Speed? well it is going to be faster with the A6 processor. Apple claim that the processing speed has increased tremendously. screen response has also benefited from the new processing capability. 

The improvement made on the processing capability has also made the Apple's new Map application response smoothly as claim during the launching of the new iPhone.

Apple's SiRi
Apple voice command has experience tremendous improvement, SiRi now able to response to most of the frequent use command, game score of earlier match. or maybe even while the match is in progress, Siri might also able to response to the present score. 

Anyway the new SiRi feature also allows you to have instant voice command post on your twitter, and now with Facebook being added in the new IOS 6, SiRi is also able to received your voice message and post it as soon as SiRi received your voice confirmation on posting you latest updates over Facebook.

Face time communication
The new iPhone (iPhone 5) also come with the capability to perform face time communication, to me this is similar to the current feature video calls, but here APPLE claim that the Face time cimmunication feature allows you to perform real time video chat. hopefully this also includes video calls over WCDMA/3G and LTE network.

It about time APPLE implemented the video calls feature in their iPhone. for their iPhone baby to survive in the market video calls feature would be an added value. My personal opinion, though not many users used the video calls features, but to have it on the iPhone would at least put Apple iPhone on par with other smartphone where the video call feature is concern. 

APPLE Map Application

The new application being included is the long awaited Apple MAP application, I my previous post I showed you the Demo version of Apple MAP turn-by-turn capability. I was impressed with the viewing option. and how you can change the setting or viewing setting just by flipping your screen slightly, make you feel like you are flipping a piece of paper. 

Hope I am able to test and experience the new Map application soon, when iPhone arrive Malaysia, particularly Sabah.

Other New Rumors that came to reality
Rumors has been on to the new power charging port, well guess what, the rumor is no longer a rumour, the new iPhone comes with a smaller Data/power charging port. 

This new changes in data/power port comes with a new data and power charging adaptor. similar to MAC Book charging adaptor the socket is reversible.

This is new the previous iPhone connection is only one way, now with the new design concept. regardless how you connect you charger or your iPhone cable, it will always works. this is new and you cant do this on the older version of the iPhone. 

I think Apple will have an adapter or a convertor if you wanted to use the old socket format. maybe later apple would come up a new adapter for users to be able to used the new connector format on the iPhone 4S.  

Camera Features
The new camera capability allows you to take panorama photos, with impressive capability. image quality/details has also improved.  

Just by scanning your iPhone on the view that you wanted to capture, iPhone will processed the images and produce a finish panoramic photo finish on your display screen..

The new Earphone

There was a rumor mentioned that the new Apple iPhone and iPod will come with a newer design version of ear phone. I have seen the image of the new earphone, and the rumors are true..

Let watch the video and let the expert explain to you what to expect from your iPhone once it reaches you palm. and experience the first touch of the new iPhone.

After the launch, APPLE will start shipping the new generation of iPhone to the UK, Japan,Singapore,France,Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and Canada, and by the end of 2012, iPhone 5 will reached every part of the world 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Future of USB Memory Drive Concept..


I remember the earliest model for usb pen drive, 128Mb, 256Mb,512Mb as the size of memory technology evolve, so as the capacity of USB memory drive expanded from 1 Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, then 32Gb while the crave of USB memory drive continues to grow exponential trend, the prices on the other hand moving toward downward trend. With this it allows us to have easy access to the widest memory space available. 

According to wikipedia "As of September 2011 drives of up to 256 gigabytes (GB) are available.Storage capacities as large as 2 terabytes are planned, with steady improvements in size and price per capacity expected. Some allow up to 100,000 write/erase cycles, depending on the exact type of memory chip used, and a 10 year shelf storage time." (wikipedia)

Here are some of the future of USB drive concept, I thought it would be fun to share it with you.

U Transfer Concept USB Memory Drive

The above concept is designed by Yiyan Chao, The concept USE drive features a unique appearance in order that you can easily connect a U Transfer USB Flash drive to another USB Drive, the idea behind this concept is to allow you to transfer data/file between 2 USB Drive without the need to use a computer as medium. The integrated LCD display will shows you the status of you data transfer.

If this concept does make it to the production line, this will surely redefine the meaning of data mobility or taking data transfer between 2 different USB drive to the next level.

Amoeba Modular USB Flash Drive Concept

This concept allows you to break your memory drive into smaller compartment, by storing your data into these different compartment, you can easily transfer your data by providing to correct USB Drive where the data are stored. 

This concept brings data storage into the next level with the introduction of USB Drive compartment feature. 

U Disk Daisy Chain Concept USB Drive

This concept is designed by Shiyu Xia,  The concept behind this idea  is Uniting U Disk (UUD). Each UUD can be daisy-chained to another one. Got ten 1GB UUD USBs? Link 'em up and now you got yourself a 10GB flash drive.

Xia's design also lets you designate each connected USB as its own individual folder. An indicator light shines red when its full and blue when it's not.

Kakrika 120GB Concept USB Drive

This 120GB USB Drive concept is design by Kakrika. concept that consist of a combination of a USB flash drive and data file management. This USB drive allows you to transfer data over a wired as well as over wireless network.

The innovative touch screen display enables you to view as well as manage you files easily. Kakrika features a 120GB memory with a transfer speed rate of 4.8Gbps. Similar to the U Transfer concept this also allows you to transfer you data virtually anyway without a computers presence.

USB Drive concept that glows according to your file type stored

The above concept by Conner Flyn, the idea is to allow you to view your file according t the colour type. 

In this example, pink represent image files, blue means a document file, while the blue colours representing Movies. Though the design allows you to view your file without the need for a computer but to allow file to be transferred, but I believe transferring  of data from 1 device to another you would still need a laptop.