Thursday, 19 September 2013

IOS7 Update completed on my iPhone 5


Yes the awaited IOS7 has arrived...everyone with an APPLE brand in their house hold will surely update the IOS 6.1.4 to the all new and revamped IOS7..

I guess not everyone will update their IOS7 immediately as in the past there is always bugs that requires immediate attention before its is fully perfect for your APPLE gadget..

For me I will always try it immediately regardless of the consequences that might befall on my iPhone..

How long it took me to completely update my IOS? well believe it or not its 4 hours (approx). which includes Update my iTune to ver11.1 then download my IOS7 since I am using my Mobile BB..depending of the speed that's why it took me almost 4 Hours to complete everything..

(Please comment on this)
"I notice before I update my iPhone as advice I need to backup my my iTune showed me I have 3Gig++ more free memory... after IOS7 my iPhone Free memory has increase to 4.27Gig of free memory.. " Hope anyone going to update on this can confirmed if your iPhone memory does increased..

What is the change on IOS7?

Well first of all the looks it self is a total look very classic to me its looks like old fashioned display...

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If you set a passcode to your iPhone well this one has a new looks too.. 

Your Slide to unlock is now only represented by Text only when you slide to unlock immediately your Passcode page will slide unlike in the IOS6.1.4 as you slide the passcode button will pop out to display..

Most of the icon look has also change as mentioned earlier it look like old fashioned to me..(personal opinion).

The double click on your Home button, normally in IOS 6 it only shows you the apps you access most frequently.. but not in IOS7.. as you double click on your home button immediately all the apps you have on your iPhone will be displayed on your screen accompanied by the Page of the Apps on top of each Icon. the first page will alway be a smaller version of your main page on your iPhone, and first icon apps you see will be the last apps you access from your iPhone. This is new and it give your fast access to your apps..

If you go to your iPhone setting, and select on Cellular in IOS6.1.4 you will see enable LTE but in IOS7 it shows Enable 4G.. Nothing much on this only the term LTE has been changed 4G.

 The Voice Control or voice assistance. looks there something wrong...most of the question I asked like What is Baseball... it keeps telling me...Its cant take any request at the moment...looks like this is the first problem I found...

Briefly this is what I have to say about IOS7 now...will compare my IOS7 with a friend tomorrow morning before I proceed further on my review..

Briefly this is the comparison of IOS chart that I found from

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