Sunday, 20 January 2013

IPhone5 Battery Drains so fast after IOS 6.0.2

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It has been a while since my last post, and that was more than a month ago my post was about the new iPhone is coming to Malaysia. Now our Company just Celebrated our 25th Anniversary and to welcome this auspicious occasion, our CEO has decided to present us a gift, that is everyone of us will receive 1 unit of iPhone5. 

We were so excited to receive this special anniversary gift. upon receiving it we couldn't get our hands off from the new iPhone5, going through all the settings and features make us very proud to owned an iPhone.

I checked the IOS version and it is 6.0.2, the latest update of the IOS version for iPhone 5. this IOS version was supposedly meant to resolved the issues of wifi experience by iPhone users. but some how it creates another problem, which at first I thought is is normal. as I recharged my phone to 100% which I checked at 0339am, by 0735am somehow the battery dropped to 97%. So as I monitored the battery behaviour I tried browsing through my emails, and after 10-20minutes of email browsing the battery dropped to 87% another 20% of battery drained by just browsing through my emails, which I did not experienced it with my Galaxy Note though the battery did dropped with my Note, but not as much as 20%. 

As I search over the internet, most iPhone users after upgrading to IOS 6.0.2 most of them are experiencing fast battery drained even with less activity on their iPhone. 

I guess each time when APPLE tried to resolved some issues of their OS or IOS, there will definitely be another issues triggered, this is the same for me after I upgrade my Mac Book from OSx LION to OSx Mountain Lion, which also experiencing batter drained issue. some how they manage to came up with a patch solution to resolved the batter drained issue. Somehow for the iPhone battery issue, there are still no new about APPLE is looking into the problem yet. 

Desperate with solution I found this from about a solution on how to resolve the battery problem. this was after muka3d had contacting APPLE support, bare in mind this is just a possible solution. so I have tried it...and lets see what will be the result is.

A possible solution might have been provided from forum member muka3d, after a contacting Apple Support:

1. Close all of my apps (using the app switcher; double tap home, press and hold an icon, click the red close button);

2. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. (Does NOT delete apps or any data; just resets network/iOS settings);

3. Wait for phone to restart;

4. Charge it up to 100 percent and monitor. Muka3d noted that his iPhone 5 with the iOS 6.0.2 update has been "working perfectly and battery levels are great," adding only one percent of battery life was lost in 12 hours.

Any comment to any iPhone users out there, please share your experience after upgrading to IOS6.0.2, or any solution that might work to resolved this issue.

Thank you for your comments and tip....

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