Thursday, 19 January 2012

Most Luxurious Private Airbus A380 on the planet.

Imagine if you have all the money in the world, and while airlines purchased the A380 to improved and modernized their airlines business. One on the richest man in the middle east is spending approximately 300million pounds to revamp his latest private aircraft into a flying palace. he changed the space of an Airbus A380 plane with a capacity of 600 passengers in to a five-star palace in which he and his guests will have anything.

The plane has a Turkish bath, some rooms are even reported to equipped with projectors that will dress walls after guest’s taste, car garage, conference rooms with Internet access and an elevator needed to go between the three floors palace....I must say this is a Wow for a private jet or as I called it a private aircraft.

The design is said to be creatively designed by Design Q, one of the best known companies of airplanes tuning. 

Blueprint of the most luxurious Private Aircraft On The Planet

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

the Most Luxurious Airbus A380 In the world

I have read and watch online that to date the Emirates has the most luxurious A380 passenger aircraft in the world, and according to Runway Girl it is the most luxurious Airbus on the Planet. as quoted in Runway girl "Not only the first class is actually a super-first class with seats bigger than my apartment, but the Airbus A380 is so huge that Emirates' business class actually feels like the first class from the rest of the airlines. I have to admit that, despite all that horrible gold and rose wood naffness, I'm impressed."

Just watch these video and you will know what I mean, just by watching it and hope that one day I will have the ever golden opportunity to experience a short tour or even better a very short flight... :D

Emirate flight to LAX

Emirates A380 First Class (Part 1)

Emirates A380 First Class (Part 2)

Malaysia MH A380...

In my previous post, about our world largest passenger aircraft, a sneak peek into the inside of A380 photo's of from from the internet which is of cause these photo's does not belongs to me, thank you to the owners of photos posted in my blog. Anyway other then talking about inside of A380, I have also mentioned about the next country to be a proud owners of this largest, state of the art passenger aircraft....yes....yes, our country Malaysia will be the next proud owner of A380, which makes us Malaysians to be the eighth in the world to be part of the A380 owners club...


The first Airbus A380 for Malaysia Airlines successfully completed its maiden flight on 20th October after completion of the final assembly and system tests in Toulouse, France.

560x337 MAS A380 take off.jpg

After a successful flight of five hours, the aircraft returned to Toulouse to be prepared for its next journey to the Airbus facilities in Hamburg, Germany for cabin installation and painting. Powered by four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, the aircraft is the first of six A380s ordered by Malaysia Airlines, scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2012

560x337 MAS A380 landing.jpg

This is Malaysia's first A380 just touched down in Hamburg Germany for the cabin installation and the final body painting.

Carriers purchased the A380 is given the opportunity to designed their own cabin, designs the suits their requirements, designs their own seating configurations, in flight first class lounge, private dining seats for their first class or business class passenger.just imagine passenger having to be able to have a private dining area while flying for long hours to their destination. this is truly a class of it own. Airbus has made it possible for world carriers to fly proud with comfort and luxury at a newer level. 

Posted Image

I think This photo's is showing us Malaysia's MH A380 is entering the Hangar for the cabin assembly and then proceed towards the final body painting.


This is how Malaysia Airlines going to look like once it is fully completed.  photo above show the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines used for Airbus A380.



Now the interesting part, while I was on board of MAS MH2121 flight to Tawau at 07:20am, reading the in flight magazine is a usual thing to do. on the 2nd page of the magazine there is this section mentioned about the A380, which is schedule to arrived at KLIA some time this Julai 2012.

Our first A380 flight MH002 will also be making her first international non-stop direct flight to London Heathrow (LHR), and will be a 3 flights a week Monday, Thursday and Saturday, while return flight via flight MH003 every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Since Airbus is giving their clients to design their very own A380 interior cabin, this brings us to question how will our MAS team design our National proud aircraft? Imagine bringing our Malaysian Hospitality inside A380 around the world.

According to the MAS Going Places in flight magazine, this is how the seating configuration going to be look like according to classes.

First Class
Will have a total of 8 seat in front of the main deck, and this is going to be 1-2-1 seating configuration.

Business Class
Business class on the other hand will be located in the upper deck will have 9 rows of seats with 2-2-2 configuration.

Economy Class
Since A380 will be flying a direct to her destination without any stop over, comfortability will be a concern not only for First and Business class, passenger in the economy class will also experience the comfort on board of Malaysia Airline A380.

So now that we know how the seating configurations are, next would be to see how our new Cabin design looks like, and this will only be revealed once MH002 starts its first international flights or maybe once Malaysia MH A380 first touched down in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Inside A380...World Largest Passenger Airlines..

In my whole life since the official launch reveal of Airbus A380 to the world, I have only seen the largest Airbus in the world once. that was when I was in Singapore for training, but can really recall what year was it maybe somewhere in 2007, but I believed it was Singapore 1st delivery of A380.

I was so huge, almost a high as the airport itself maybe slightly even higher than the airport. Since it is one of the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the interior design is definitely as luxurious as the record title of the aircraft. it like a flying hotel some may call it.. but since the purpose of every proud owner of this Aircraft, to make it as comfortable as possible as private as possible when you have a first class service. to me this is like a flying bungalow...

Anyway Singapore Airlines (The First in the world to owned this prestigious A380), then Qantas, Lufthansa,  Korean Air, Emirates, China Southern Airlines, Air France.

Malaysia national carriers Malaysia Airlines System is reported to be in the list of A380 proud owner this year 2012, and will a at least 6 A380 in orders.

Below are some of the interior design of A380, I am not the owner of these photos. to all my readers these photos remains the original owners of those of have taken these picture. These photos posted is not meant for commercial used but solely for informational used and for everyone to admire the interior designs of the aircraft and those who took these photos..

I hope one day, I will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and comfort of the A380 and to everyone who has the chance to experience on board of flight A380..please do share us your wonderful experience..

Shanghai China Glass Museum...

The Shanghai Glass Company Ltd initiated and sponsored the establishment of the Shanghai Museum of Glass. Having witnessed the industrial development of glass in Shanghai, this Company has painstakingly preserved and recorded one hundred years of glass history and culture. Observing that an ordinary glass factory had such an extraordinary history, Zhang Lin, CEO of the Shanghai Glass Museum, transformed the once hot and stuffy glass factory into a space for artistic creation; a place where the ordinary glass renders, in a creative manner, the extraordinary imaginations and endless sharing.

Shanghai Museum of Glass seeks to create a new kind of experience in museums, to contract the distance between China and the Western, glass art and the other artistic forms, history and works, culture and industry, glass art and human beings with rich knowledge of history, fabulous art works, an open communication space and community-based channels of promotion.

This museum also has a Hot Glass Studio which available for rental when there are no performances or classes or other events in progress. To use this studio you must make booked in advance. Bookings are taken Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. See the chart below for rental rates. Call The Studio or stop in to schedule rental time.

Some of Shanghai Glass Museum Collections..

These pictorial collection originally belongs to Shanghai Museum Of Glass..
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Resource from : Shanghai Museum Of Glass.