Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weirdest Clock ever..

Ever seen a clock that is so deformed and weird and yet is weirdness and deformity still gives you the time you need to know? In other words creativity never failed to impress everyone, and somehow creativity always makes us question will these designs work for us let alone will it work in the real world.

Today's post I was intrigue with the design of clocks, is the a weird design all in the name of creativity out there? and look what I have found over the internet. Looks like there are clocks that are so weird in design yet in its original functionality still give you the exact time indicator.

Lets see the Top 10 clock design which I personally consider it as weird yet from creative arts point of view it does look great when hanging it on you house and office walls.


This is one of my favourite, I tried to calculate the math on the clock and the answer are exactly the time of a real clock...

This clock face is actually blank, you can write anything you want on this clock, I guess that is why it is called sentence maker wall clock.

I don't think this is suitable for wall is more suitable a table clock...or maybe you can put it on a bookshelves together with all your books...just make sure that nobody accidentally take the wrong reading material from your bookshelves.

CONTINUE TIME by: Sander Mulder

On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and fully functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours.




MIHN CLOCK By:James Tobin
 Mhin is made from ceramic (body), rubber and metal (‘hands’). Its function and form constitutes a solid simplicity not firmly set in any era or movement. These decisions were made in order to aid longevity and ensure that the design intent remains intact over time.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling Betrayed by Apple's unexpected launched of the new iPad 4?

Yes, it was a surprise to me either that how can Apple launches their new iPad although I don't owned an iPad yet, since I am also an APPLE brand user, I share your frustration. 5 month earlier that the last revelation of  iPad 3 is too early, imagine if I just bought my newest gadget iPad 3 which makes me one of the proud owner..then suddenly the announcement of iPad 4 launched came 2 days later....uurrrrrgh.... won't that be another 1000% frustration to me..... I might not going to forgive APPLE that easily... Lets see what are the significant differences between the 2 iPads..

basically these are the only significant comparison between the two iPads, If you ask me the only blow to me if I just purchased my iPad3 is the CPU chip and the camera/video resolution and most of all I what kills me is the price...despite the difference in processor type and the video resolution there is no difference in pricing, as quoted by "The iPad 4 comes in at the same price of the iPad 3"

Anyway regardless of what the CPU type is or any other differences as long as your iPad served you well then it wont matter which version you have. But if you really crazy about changing your new iPad, why not sell your iPad 3 with slightly about the price of iPad 2 then just add the differences and you'll have you new iPad 4 in your hand...but to those who just bought your iPad 3 few days ago..hang on to that who know the next iPad 5 will comes in next year, you'll never know the sudden wind of change in the APPLE's world.

Like I mentioned earlier be it iPad 3 or iPad 4, as long as you iPad served you according to you expectation. everything should be just fine...

ACER Response To APPLE new entrance

Despite all the rumours flying around the world about the official launch of APPLE iPad junior... or it is officially called as the 7" iPad mini. Acer might responding to the launched of iPad mini any latest version of tablet mini that are already available in the market by launching their latest mini tablet product name the Iconia Tab A110. 

With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus already firmly entrenched, and Apple has already launched to announce a new war to all its mini tablet competitors, it's certainly a curious time to be launching the Iconia Tab A110. Acer hint that their A110 will run on Android latest OS version Jelly Bean, The new Iconia Tab A110 also comes with an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which features a unique Super 4-PLUS-1™ Quad Core CPU design with a fifth Battery Saver Core, which handles less demanding activities, ultimately using less power and improving battery life. A110 also with a microSD card slot, which you definitely need it because the new A110 only comes with an 8GB of on-board storage, which is not a sufficient memory size for myself. more thing almost forgot, this is one of the important part in a mini long can the battery life last? well BGR new "The A110 supports long battery life with smart power management providing up to 7.5 hours of battery life1." 

The display resolution the Iconia only has a resolution of 1,024x600, which everyone and even myself agrees this is a drawback to A110 in a post-Retina Display world of pixel-packing. According to "Couple that with a price tag -- $230 -- that is more than the $199 you can spend for the Nexus 7, Nook HD, or Kindle Fire HD, and it's really unclear what the value proposition is for the A110. (Even if you get the Kindle Fire HD without the special offers, it's still cheaper at $214.)"

According to acer the new Iconia will begin on sale this coming 30th October 2012, in all leading US and Canadian retailers.

The War on Tablet between APPLE and its competitors is getting HOTTER...

On the 23rd Of October APPLE made a surprise announcement to the world, by introducing little iPad Junior... or officially know as iPad mini, iPad mini  which is 7.2mm (0.3in) thick and weighs 0.68lbs (0.3kg), was announced at an event in California. The entry wi-fi-only model, with 16GB storage, will cost £269 in the UK, and in the US, the prices start at $329 for 6GB, then increase to $429 for 32GB, and $529 for 64GBs.

Now that APPLE has enter into a new world tablet category, meaning APPLE has caused a small ripple in the tablet market telling its competitors we are not going to let you shrink our share in the market anymore.

Before APPLE decided to take a step into the small tablet market, lets have a short travel back in time, how it all began.."Back in 2010, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that smaller screened tablets were not "sufficient to create great tablet apps" and would be "dead on arrival", so the suggestion that a new iPad mini is in the works reveals a potentially new direction for the firm in its post-Jobs era." ~

Lets have a look on the actual specs for this new iPad mini

Sunday, 21 October 2012

VW Commercial - Fun Adverticement

While searching for some of the most fun and creative youtube video and found this great advertisement. and can you see the similarity of the video which I had post earlier?

Tell me what you think, by the way this video ad was created last year 2011.

Lets watch the Volkswagen Star Wars cast advertisement.

Mini Marvels


I was actually browsing for something else in Youtube, and I found several video clip, so funny that I think its best I shared these creatively created by those who loved Marvel comic superheroes.

Iron Man.....errrrrr......Iron Baby......Errrrr......well just watch it....

Then I found this little Avengers...its basically an advertisement before the released of AVENGERS the movie...that my assumption..

Then found this funny THOR...The GOD of THUNDER.....This one is truly funny...

Ha....Ha..Ha....Ha....Ha.... I hope you enjoyed watching these short and funny video as much as I search and post it on my blog....

What to expect from the new iPad Mini in terms of pricing

In my previous post, I talked about the chronicle of mini iPad, basically the rumours surface if not mistaken since last year, but on this year after the launching of iPhone 5, the new generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano, the new iPad mini news is getting hotter. 

So what to expect from this another widely anticipate device from the Cupertino based APPLE.well according to John Grubber and renown APPLE blogger said that mini iPad if that is what is going to called it, its not going to be a retina base display. if not it will be slightly better that the iPad 2, since iPad mini is coming up some time early next month, then I believed the old iPad 2 will soon going to be phase out, paving the way for APPLE latest family member a 7 inch tablet. Smaller device mean smaller power consumption, so having a retina display will surely produce a high power consumption device and this will not be practical. 

Next according to John Grubber, the new mini will definitely be cheaper as quoted "Gruber explains that "smaller" implies cheaper while "miniature" usually requires a premium. Someone who wants a device for listening to music while jogging will buy a $300 iPod, but if they're instead sold on a small iPad priced (hypothetically) at $249, Apple still wins."

Recently there is a report that might slightly supports John Grubber's prediction. According to the "The earlier leak of a screenshot from a European inventory system indicated thatiPad mini pricing would start at 249 euros, which amounts to (at current conversion rates) about $325, and it looks like that indeed might be the case." Furthermore "An earlier report used the iPod touch's price at a measuring stick, indicating that the price of the base iPad mini couldn't be as low as some speculated ($249), but would instead have to be above the iPod touch's price (the earlier report estimated $349)."

What ever the pricing speculation, once the iPad mini is release we might have a pricing range as stated below, lets assume that the pricing rumours are true : 

16GB wi-fi only $329
32GB wi-fi only $429
64GB wi-fi only $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular $459
32GB wi-fi + cellular $559
64GB wi-fi + cellular $659

Not much is known about the iPad mini, aside from its 7.85-inch screen. It's expected to be non-retina, however, with a 1024 x 768 resolution like the iPad 1.
Rumor is that Apple will release a revamped third-generation iPad ("new" iPad, iPad 3) at the same time as the iPad mini, with slight tweaks, including the new, smaller iPhone 5 Lightning dock connector.

The latest Chronicles of Apple's Mini iPad

The news about Apple's plans to introduce new product line to it already famous list of product with the latest which was released last September 12th the new generation iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Nano all which run on Apple's latest iOS 6. Though there have been a huge disappointment on the most talked about Apple Map Application which was not working accordingly as expected. Non the less the Map Apps is just a small pinch of the pain that fall on Apple latest product. Yet Apple bravely admit the flaws and immediate fall back by introducing other alternative map application that is design to suits the latest iOS 6.

Anyway, lets have a look at rumours how the long awaited mini iPad will look like when the launch date is announce.

This photo leaks was released on June 8th 2012 3 month before the launch of iPhone 5, new iPod Touch and iPod nano.

These image source which I found are the one found in, the physical design of these leaked image in terms of geometric design are more towards iPhone design only the size are larger iPhone 5 yet smaller than the new iPad (iPad 3). 

One month before the launch date of world wide most anticipated iPhone 5, 9to5MAC release a casing design believe to be the casing that will be used for the next launch by APPLE. but will it be that same date as the launching of iPhone 5? nobody knows...

These images were taken from a reliable Chinese blog source, well if its from a Chinese blog it might be reliable as the hardware production mostly came from China. 

Then on September 3rd 2012, about 2 weeks before the launch date of iPhone 5 and base on image by news posted by besttechinfo shows the latest mockup image of the new iPad mini, which many believed it will be launch and announce on the same day as the launch date of iPhone5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano. 

Finally on the 9th October 2012, the believed to be finalised leaked design of the new iPad mini was released by Accoding to "Rumors about the iPad mini have been swirling for months. Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journalreported that Apple had ordered 10 million of the smaller tablets."

furthermore also mentioned that "The iPad mini will reportedly come with a lower resolution screen than that of the standard iPad, and production of those screens began last month via Taiwan's AU Optronics and South Korea's LG Display. Other rumors indicate that the iPad's smaller sibling will be priced competitively against Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, both available starting at $199."

Based on the design concept, and the geometrical and the curvy design of the new mini iPad, it looks like this is the final concept and are likely to be the actual looks of the new mini iPad once APPLE official announce the launch date.

Recently on the 17th October 2012, the Business Insider announced that "As we get closer to Apple’s iPad Mini event next week, MacRumors has uncovered what it believes to be photos of the new device’s screen and battery." again to strengthen the rumour "The first, LG is manufacturing the display. MacRumors also reveals that the text on the ribbon cable extending from the display is consistent with genuine Apple products. It was also discovered that the display will have an aspect ratio of 4:3 the same as the full-sized iPad."

Lets have a look at the image what Business Insiders reported to be that of the new mini iPad which going to be launch next week..

Remember the design released on the 9th October? well with the released date of new mini iPad getting closer than ever, the leaked mockup design issued last week has what it seems to be a reality one. hope there is no last minute change.

Now comes the interesting new of the launch date of the new iPad mini, has posted in their last news which was released 11 hours ago, that APPLE on the 23rd October 2012 has sent an invitation to the media about a special event. According to "the internet has been speculating as to what exactly Apple is going to announce at this event. It is widely believed that the fruit company will be unveiling its 7.85 inch tablet. In a new report today the iPad Mini release date is claimed to be November 2, over one a half week after the announcement takes place on aforementioned date." also added that "Pad Mini is not the only thing that is expected to be announced though. Rumor has it that we might as well be treated to refreshed Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and a new iPad 3. This revised iPad 3 will come bearing minor tweaks such as the Lightening dock connector. Nevertheless iPad Mini will definitely be the star of the show. This upcoming device is being very anxiously awaited. A very credible source has put their weight behind November 2, which is being touted as the official iPad Mini release date. There is a special significance, as getting the iPad Mini out to customers and making it available in Apple Retail Stores before Black Friday will definitely do wonders for the sales figures. iPad Mini pre-orders are expected to begin on October 23, right after the announcement takes place."

Now, since APPLE has broadcast their invitation to the media about a special event, and most reliable source stated that the new and long rumoured and awaited device which will marked the official entry of APPLE into the world and segment of 7" tablet device. Lets see how the new iPad mini will performed in this new boundary.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Green Laptop concept

Now a days, the world,the government,the green organisation trying to promote green living. when talk about green living, it more about the use of renewable energy to promote long term as well as sustainable living condition. Sad to mentioned  that as much as reaching the community in promoting green living, putting it into practice is considered a mammoth task, as much as we are aware that we are facing depletion of fossil energy source by the minute, yet we are still remained in an ignorant state by taking advantage of what we have to today.

But there are still a hand full of people are seriously preparing them self for the worse, and there also a hand full of creative thinker and creator trying to promote green living by taking their design into the next level, here are one example. 

Ever thought of recharging your precious laptop by dipping it into a jug of water? the design is so unique, not to mention the creative concept, with the availability of AMOLED material that is used to design our display unit of our smartphone,laptop,smart book, tablet, etc. The concept of transparent screen has also been brought into the prototyping stage, it is no surprise that the concept of green laptop will be a reality. 

if you can see the material being used here looks like a super AMOLED type material, being transparent in every aspect of the design concept from the display unit right down to the keyboard of the laptop itself.  

look at the thickness of the laptop, it's thin enough so extra quadruple handling is needed. 

The only solid material is that one that holds both glass material of the laptop, that is the display portion and the keyboard portion and We all know that water and computer hardware aren't exactly the friendliest of combinations, but the Plantbook definitely defies all logic in that regard. It may sound completely ridiculous, but the designers seem to have it all figured out:

“The system uses an external water tank, hence the Plantbook continuously absorbs water when soaking it in water and generates electrolysis using power stored in a solar heat plate installed on the top. In this process, it is operated using hydrogen as energy source and discharges oxygen. If you put it into a water bottle while you don’t use the laptop, it automatically charges a battery and discharges oxygen. A leaf-shaped strap hanging on the top is made with silicon. It plays a role of a hand ring and a green LED indicates when the battery is charged. Using this LED, users can check how much spare capacity the batter has.”

This is how to recharge your laptop, I wonder what happen it malfunction while you are recharging your laptop. I am sure you will see a caution note in your user manual book that say

Caution: " Please dip in with extra care" or 
Caution: " Please do not drown your laptop, so please dip with extra care"

Source: tom's guide

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Creative Computer geeks does know their taste for furniture...


Now a days there are so many furniture design available in the market, some designed for ergonomic use, some for the rich and famous, some designed just for the purpose of being a furniture, yet to some extend there furniture that are designed just for the purpose of admiring the complexity of the design itself, let just say it's only for the sake of "Just see, no sitting"...

But have you ever wonder that even the computer geeks has a really good taste with furniture, lets see some of their unique designs.

Control Alternate Delete Pillow Set
Control, Alternate, Delete pillow set, this would make my living room a little computercozzy 

F1 & F2 Lampshade

This ceiling lamp should come with bright and deem button, like F1 to reduce brightness and F2 to increase brightness. Then it would make the ceiling lamp complete..

ASCII Curtains
This design reflect a person creativity, from a far it looks just like a tree branch during winter but as you look closer, it is actually a combinations of  ASCII codes..

Binary Door mat
 Control, Alternate, Delete Cup set

Enter Button Door Bell

Keyboard Command Posters
 Instead of posters, I guess it will look great if these were wall papers, or floor tiles, if fitted in your study room, you will never forget your MAC OS short cut command anymore..

Numeric Keypad Chair

Mouse Pointer Coffee Table

Tetris Ice Cube Mold 

Wolfgang Keyboard Chair

Binary Furniture
To me this is more of a computer chip or a mother board furniture set, I wouldn't want this in my living room especially when there are kids around, and imagine how costly it would be if one of the component is missing, then I would consider this malfunction. never the less its a cool and creative design overall

Keyboard Lamp

Keyboard Lounge Chair