Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling Betrayed by Apple's unexpected launched of the new iPad 4?

Yes, it was a surprise to me either that how can Apple launches their new iPad although I don't owned an iPad yet, since I am also an APPLE brand user, I share your frustration. 5 month earlier that the last revelation of  iPad 3 is too early, imagine if I just bought my newest gadget iPad 3 which makes me one of the proud owner..then suddenly the announcement of iPad 4 launched came 2 days later....uurrrrrgh.... won't that be another 1000% frustration to me..... I might not going to forgive APPLE that easily... Lets see what are the significant differences between the 2 iPads..

basically these are the only significant comparison between the two iPads, If you ask me the only blow to me if I just purchased my iPad3 is the CPU chip and the camera/video resolution and most of all I what kills me is the price...despite the difference in processor type and the video resolution there is no difference in pricing, as quoted by "The iPad 4 comes in at the same price of the iPad 3"

Anyway regardless of what the CPU type is or any other differences as long as your iPad served you well then it wont matter which version you have. But if you really crazy about changing your new iPad, why not sell your iPad 3 with slightly about the price of iPad 2 then just add the differences and you'll have you new iPad 4 in your hand...but to those who just bought your iPad 3 few days ago..hang on to that who know the next iPad 5 will comes in next year, you'll never know the sudden wind of change in the APPLE's world.

Like I mentioned earlier be it iPad 3 or iPad 4, as long as you iPad served you according to you expectation. everything should be just fine...

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