Sunday, 21 October 2012

The latest Chronicles of Apple's Mini iPad

The news about Apple's plans to introduce new product line to it already famous list of product with the latest which was released last September 12th the new generation iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Nano all which run on Apple's latest iOS 6. Though there have been a huge disappointment on the most talked about Apple Map Application which was not working accordingly as expected. Non the less the Map Apps is just a small pinch of the pain that fall on Apple latest product. Yet Apple bravely admit the flaws and immediate fall back by introducing other alternative map application that is design to suits the latest iOS 6.

Anyway, lets have a look at rumours how the long awaited mini iPad will look like when the launch date is announce.

This photo leaks was released on June 8th 2012 3 month before the launch of iPhone 5, new iPod Touch and iPod nano.

These image source which I found are the one found in, the physical design of these leaked image in terms of geometric design are more towards iPhone design only the size are larger iPhone 5 yet smaller than the new iPad (iPad 3). 

One month before the launch date of world wide most anticipated iPhone 5, 9to5MAC release a casing design believe to be the casing that will be used for the next launch by APPLE. but will it be that same date as the launching of iPhone 5? nobody knows...

These images were taken from a reliable Chinese blog source, well if its from a Chinese blog it might be reliable as the hardware production mostly came from China. 

Then on September 3rd 2012, about 2 weeks before the launch date of iPhone 5 and base on image by news posted by besttechinfo shows the latest mockup image of the new iPad mini, which many believed it will be launch and announce on the same day as the launch date of iPhone5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano. 

Finally on the 9th October 2012, the believed to be finalised leaked design of the new iPad mini was released by Accoding to "Rumors about the iPad mini have been swirling for months. Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journalreported that Apple had ordered 10 million of the smaller tablets."

furthermore also mentioned that "The iPad mini will reportedly come with a lower resolution screen than that of the standard iPad, and production of those screens began last month via Taiwan's AU Optronics and South Korea's LG Display. Other rumors indicate that the iPad's smaller sibling will be priced competitively against Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, both available starting at $199."

Based on the design concept, and the geometrical and the curvy design of the new mini iPad, it looks like this is the final concept and are likely to be the actual looks of the new mini iPad once APPLE official announce the launch date.

Recently on the 17th October 2012, the Business Insider announced that "As we get closer to Apple’s iPad Mini event next week, MacRumors has uncovered what it believes to be photos of the new device’s screen and battery." again to strengthen the rumour "The first, LG is manufacturing the display. MacRumors also reveals that the text on the ribbon cable extending from the display is consistent with genuine Apple products. It was also discovered that the display will have an aspect ratio of 4:3 the same as the full-sized iPad."

Lets have a look at the image what Business Insiders reported to be that of the new mini iPad which going to be launch next week..

Remember the design released on the 9th October? well with the released date of new mini iPad getting closer than ever, the leaked mockup design issued last week has what it seems to be a reality one. hope there is no last minute change.

Now comes the interesting new of the launch date of the new iPad mini, has posted in their last news which was released 11 hours ago, that APPLE on the 23rd October 2012 has sent an invitation to the media about a special event. According to "the internet has been speculating as to what exactly Apple is going to announce at this event. It is widely believed that the fruit company will be unveiling its 7.85 inch tablet. In a new report today the iPad Mini release date is claimed to be November 2, over one a half week after the announcement takes place on aforementioned date." also added that "Pad Mini is not the only thing that is expected to be announced though. Rumor has it that we might as well be treated to refreshed Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and a new iPad 3. This revised iPad 3 will come bearing minor tweaks such as the Lightening dock connector. Nevertheless iPad Mini will definitely be the star of the show. This upcoming device is being very anxiously awaited. A very credible source has put their weight behind November 2, which is being touted as the official iPad Mini release date. There is a special significance, as getting the iPad Mini out to customers and making it available in Apple Retail Stores before Black Friday will definitely do wonders for the sales figures. iPad Mini pre-orders are expected to begin on October 23, right after the announcement takes place."

Now, since APPLE has broadcast their invitation to the media about a special event, and most reliable source stated that the new and long rumoured and awaited device which will marked the official entry of APPLE into the world and segment of 7" tablet device. Lets see how the new iPad mini will performed in this new boundary.


  1. Though there have been a huge disappointment on the most talked about Apple Map Application which was not working accordingly as expected. Non the less the Map Apps is just a small pinch of the pain that fall on Apple latest product.coques iphone 4

    1. I am so totally agree with you on this Jimmy, the total disappointment on the new Map Apps is just a tiny pinch, and has no effect on the sales at all. Apple is still new on creating their very own Map Apps, things like this is expected. lets see if Apple manage to redeem them self on their next iPhone launch, when this happens the Map Apps should be working perfectly as expected.

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