Sunday, 21 October 2012

What to expect from the new iPad Mini in terms of pricing

In my previous post, I talked about the chronicle of mini iPad, basically the rumours surface if not mistaken since last year, but on this year after the launching of iPhone 5, the new generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano, the new iPad mini news is getting hotter. 

So what to expect from this another widely anticipate device from the Cupertino based APPLE.well according to John Grubber and renown APPLE blogger said that mini iPad if that is what is going to called it, its not going to be a retina base display. if not it will be slightly better that the iPad 2, since iPad mini is coming up some time early next month, then I believed the old iPad 2 will soon going to be phase out, paving the way for APPLE latest family member a 7 inch tablet. Smaller device mean smaller power consumption, so having a retina display will surely produce a high power consumption device and this will not be practical. 

Next according to John Grubber, the new mini will definitely be cheaper as quoted "Gruber explains that "smaller" implies cheaper while "miniature" usually requires a premium. Someone who wants a device for listening to music while jogging will buy a $300 iPod, but if they're instead sold on a small iPad priced (hypothetically) at $249, Apple still wins."

Recently there is a report that might slightly supports John Grubber's prediction. According to the "The earlier leak of a screenshot from a European inventory system indicated thatiPad mini pricing would start at 249 euros, which amounts to (at current conversion rates) about $325, and it looks like that indeed might be the case." Furthermore "An earlier report used the iPod touch's price at a measuring stick, indicating that the price of the base iPad mini couldn't be as low as some speculated ($249), but would instead have to be above the iPod touch's price (the earlier report estimated $349)."

What ever the pricing speculation, once the iPad mini is release we might have a pricing range as stated below, lets assume that the pricing rumours are true : 

16GB wi-fi only $329
32GB wi-fi only $429
64GB wi-fi only $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular $459
32GB wi-fi + cellular $559
64GB wi-fi + cellular $659

Not much is known about the iPad mini, aside from its 7.85-inch screen. It's expected to be non-retina, however, with a 1024 x 768 resolution like the iPad 1.
Rumor is that Apple will release a revamped third-generation iPad ("new" iPad, iPad 3) at the same time as the iPad mini, with slight tweaks, including the new, smaller iPhone 5 Lightning dock connector.

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