Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Creative Computer geeks does know their taste for furniture...


Now a days there are so many furniture design available in the market, some designed for ergonomic use, some for the rich and famous, some designed just for the purpose of being a furniture, yet to some extend there furniture that are designed just for the purpose of admiring the complexity of the design itself, let just say it's only for the sake of "Just see, no sitting"...

But have you ever wonder that even the computer geeks has a really good taste with furniture, lets see some of their unique designs.

Control Alternate Delete Pillow Set
Control, Alternate, Delete pillow set, this would make my living room a little computercozzy 

F1 & F2 Lampshade

This ceiling lamp should come with bright and deem button, like F1 to reduce brightness and F2 to increase brightness. Then it would make the ceiling lamp complete..

ASCII Curtains
This design reflect a person creativity, from a far it looks just like a tree branch during winter but as you look closer, it is actually a combinations of  ASCII codes..

Binary Door mat
 Control, Alternate, Delete Cup set

Enter Button Door Bell

Keyboard Command Posters
 Instead of posters, I guess it will look great if these were wall papers, or floor tiles, if fitted in your study room, you will never forget your MAC OS short cut command anymore..

Numeric Keypad Chair

Mouse Pointer Coffee Table

Tetris Ice Cube Mold 

Wolfgang Keyboard Chair

Binary Furniture
To me this is more of a computer chip or a mother board furniture set, I wouldn't want this in my living room especially when there are kids around, and imagine how costly it would be if one of the component is missing, then I would consider this malfunction. never the less its a cool and creative design overall

Keyboard Lamp

Keyboard Lounge Chair

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