Sunday, 2 December 2012

My 300th Post..


I just posted my 300th Blog post around 4am this morning. I was not aware of it in the first place, but as I go through all my previous post list I can't believe that around 1 year 3 month ago since my first post and now today I never thought that I can reach this far. 

All Thanks to my readers whom I considered my friends who has visited my blog page. You have made me believed that my short term blogging is now going to be a long term passion. 

Thank you for the comments you have left, your comments is also one of the reason for me to continue blogged what ever information I found interesting, funny and share the knowledge and information as well as my personal thought about certain topic to all my friends out there.

Cyberspacely speaking, blogging is all about sharing and communicating over in the internet. blogging also promotes ones creativity in writing on a certain topic, nobody is wrong here yet no one is also right, but blogging is also a way where we can discuss, share comments just about everything and being corrected should our sharing contradict the actual facts.

Thank you my friends once again, my utmost gratitude for your support. keep blogging and keep sharing. 

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