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Weird Wrist Watch Design Concept

Over the years, wrist watch has become the being mobile time keeper, a necessity for everyone who need to keep track on their time, the time to arrive, the time to leave, the time to pick up, the time to complete, the time to perform etc..

As we arrive into the 20th Century or at present the 21st century, to owned a wrist watch has transformed from the task of telling you what time it is, to a whole new level. Wrist watch now a day not only tells you what tis the time now, wrist watch has become more of a fashion and life style requirement to a level of multitasking. Wrist watch now can perform as altimeter, thermometer, reads your heart rate, as well as entertainment basically as long as we have of the creative thinker and the technology wrist watch can be transform and functioned almost everything. you'll never know your next visit to the time store you'll be surprise you wrist watch can function as a projector or even a high definition camera..

As I mentioned before a concept design is a design the may or may not reach into the production line, but if these concept has reaches the prototype stage then, there a chance that the concept design will reach the production line. 

Lets see some of the weirdest concept wrist watch ever reach the drawing board. 

This design was inspired by Nuno Teixeira, a Portugal based industrial designer Nuno Teixeira has developed a watch spectacularly built to enhance the looks and designs of wrist watches to the next era, called Equinox. If price doesn’t matter for you then this would be the best ever watch you could have. It represents the exact time when the sun is positioned directly over the equator. Its spherical displays give it a very elegant look.

This concept is called the “Spiral watch”, designed by Ignacio from Spain. The watch has a fun face design where you can see a thread like spiral from outer to the inner side of the watch. According to the designer, this Spiral watch could be read by following the numbers on the spiral and the white marking on within the black spiral. The solid white mark tells your the hours, while the double fine mark tells you the minutes.

This unique design was submitted by Laszlo from Hungary, this concept also has a unique case design with a sliding effect.With a smoked black lens on an IP black coated case, the display shows the time simply using colored dots. Twelve green dots indicate hours, Five yellow dots indicate minutes 10-50 and nine red dots indicate minutes 1-9. Simple and cool.

This wrist watch was design by  Nicolas Meiresonne. The Torus concept watch uses color and a touchscreen to tell the approximate time. This bracelet style watch was designed to give the user a perception of time and some sort of experience. Very similar to the sun, you will not get the actual time just approximate time of day. The colors on the watch rotate to tell what time of day it is. For example blue/green represents morning, yellow/orange the afternoon, red/purple for evening and nighttime.
Not exactly sure how, but tapping the touchscreen will allow users to set alarms.  Apparently by double tapping a color a timer will be set. Though there is not much of a use for such a watch in today’s world, we certainly find this device interesting to say the least. This watch would definitely be a site to see in real life if it ever makes it to market.

This concept was design by F. Bertrand, Main concept behind this future writs watch is to provide user a user friend interface with touch screen and apps similar to smart phones. Having a 3G support  and bluetooth support  will make us to use this as a smart phone.

With all this great features the this watch also keeps some basic functions of a watch, like keeping you updated with the current time.  The innovative watch concept would keep the application you use most at easy access, and would even change the icons location on the strap according to the position of your wrist.

It was created by designer Henrik Amberla and named The Milky Way. From the words of author “the shape reflects on the duality and unity of the sleep/wake cycle as well as illustrates a turning motion that triggers the snooze function. Another turning motion is applied to setting the time and the alarm.

Touch screen devices are now a normal part of our computing environment, but now a new player seeks to add a bit more flair to what has until now been a relatively conservative design approach by putting the power of Android on your wrist.

The Coil Watch is a concept device developed by Wimm Labs that would combine the company's various Android applications with a new form factor geared more toward style and fashion than utilitarian geek sensibilities. In addition to the Coil Watch the company hopes to offer a wide array of similarly stylized Android devices that will play to the tastes of the fashion conscious. You can see Wimm's promotion video for their very real software platform in the video below.

TX54, the runner-up in the event, is a concept by three Americans designers: Napoleon Merana, Steffen Schubert and David Takacs. The nail watch is designed to be hooked to our thumbnail. The user should be able to view the time in the dark just by pressing the tip of the thumbnail. There's also the ability to switch between colors available. It is also disposable. One hopes it's waterproof as well, just in case you forget to take it off while you are in the shower.

Earlier we have seen a wrist watch which was design and run on Android OS, this time I have found another design concept that runs with IOS from Apple. Since this concept has a face time feature mean this watch is definitely run on iOS 6 and beyond.

I wonder how are we coning to type with the size of screen is so small.

This is similar to the previous image which is an LED concept watch, and its call Cobra LED.


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