Sunday, 30 September 2012

USS John C Stennis Aircraft Carrier CVN74 is in Kota Kinabalu...


This morning as I was heading to the grocery shop and bought a daily news, and found out that there is an aircraft carrier now in Malaysia-Sabah water.

300 luck VIPs have the once in a life time opportunity to visit the one of America's largest Aircraft carrier, a Nimitz class Nimitz class carriers mean that this is one of America's largest carriers and is also world largest Nuclear power Carrier, entering this carrier as I once watched it over the Discovery Channel its like a floating city.

So although I did not manage to go on board of the carrier, I manage to grab my 300mm lens and take a few shots of this carrier.

This is my lucky day, being able to witness the actual physical view of the carrier itself, it's just amazing to watched it even from afar....

USS John C Stennis - Homeport is in Bermeton Washington. If I am not mistaken it mean where this carrier is assigned to

USS John C Stennis is a NIMITZ Class Carrier meaning this is one of the largest aircraft carrier in the world. Basically Nimitz Class carrier are Nuclear-powered vessel.
Deck view where the jets are being displayed and ready to take off when needed.

USS John Stennis consist of 100 trained Pilot, 70 planes (F/A 18F Super Hornet, F/A 18C Hornets, E2C Hawkeye, C02A Greyhound, EA-6B Prowler,Knighthawk Helicopter, Seahawk Helicopter)

Full view of the USS John C Stennis CVN74 (Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier)

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