Tuesday, 9 October 2012

VW Future concept - Fun to know about VW


in my earliest post, well the time when I first actively involve in blogging, one of my post is related to the history of VW (Volkswagen). I was fun writing and blogging about it.

As we travel patiently into the future a lot has change, from the way we live, the way we eat, the way we commute and the way we travel. so as the technology applied in our car or automobile. 

As I have mentioned before, Volkswagen has come a long way to reach to its current prestigious position. So as we pave our way inside the 21st century let's have a quick look what concept does VW has at the back of their creative mind..

Hover Car, an environmentally-friendly two-seater city car which hovers just above the ground, Volkswagen is presenting the study of a zero-emissions vehicle that could in future travel along electromagnetic road networks. 

Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft

Volkswagen Nils Concept

The NILS seats just one, but its modest passenger load is matched by an equally small footprint, and a curb weight of under 1,000lbs. The all-electric concept is designed for city use, and its lightweight aluminum frame and 34 horsepower electric motor give it a 40-mile driving range on a single charge. 

Volkswagen Rescue Rover

Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept is a unique design especially build for the beach rescuers. Inspired by 1940s Volkswagen Type 166, this concept vehicle is designed by the famous auto designer Sebastian Toddenroth. This vehicle has a hydrodynamic and an omni-directional form factor which enables it to balance itself in the middle of the sea waves. This vehicle uses mecanum wheels which adds extravagant features to its offerings, as it enables the vehicle to be driven in any direction. It is powered by a powerful electric engine assisted by a turbine rim that eliminates the heat factor. Multi-armed wheels facilitate the vulcanized roll as well as provide stability to the model. The interiors of the vehicle are designed for providing superior driving experience. It is a complete car which can be a priority choice for riders in future.

Volkswagen CitiZen

The Volkswagen CitiZen envisions the future of motoring by Volkswagen. Embodying a futuristic design and aerodynamic form, the Volkswagen CitiZen is controlled through a joystick and this joystick will be a multipurpose key for the user. Powered by a hybrid propulsion system consisting of hydrogen fuel cells, electric motors and batteries, this futuristic compact concept from Volkswagen will seat two people and feature small 180 degree rotation enabled wheels for easier and enhanced maneuverability.

Volkswagen Van Concept

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