Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mountain Lion OSX cause significant decrease in MAC Book battery life..


While I was searching for update and news about the preparation done for the APPLE's next product launch and I came across an article posted by MAC rumors. 

I upgrade my OSX from LION to Mountain LION on the day APPLE released their new OSX, it was 2 am and waiting for downloading to complete was crazy, but I guess it was worth the wait...

When I found out about the side effect that my MAC Book would experience, I was shock to read that upgrading to Mountain Lion OSX has caused your MAC book lost a significant amount of time, the reported battery time lost of 1hour 45minute which is about 30% lost of battery life, About 2 hours of battery life loss..to me that a lot....

Anyway yesterday I upgraded my Mountain Lion to 10.8.1, though I don't know what the actual reason for the update. one thing for sure it's all about problem rectification, and since I found out about the actual problem behind the update sad to say OSX 10.8.1 though manage to improved the battery life  slightly, yet the small improvement still does not solved the overall issue.

A snippet of the new from MacRumors "Just as we saw in our previous tests, the upgrade to 10.8 Mountain Lion decreased battery life significantly, by about 1 hour and 45 minutes, or 30 percent. The upgrade to 10.8.1 restored about 30 minutes of battery life for our MacBook Pro, an improvement for sure, but not nearly enough to regain lost ground.

The big change came with 10.8.2, which is still undergoing developer testing. Using the latest build, 12C35, we saw a tremendous increase in battery life, to the point where running time was a few minutes longer than even that of 10.6.8." details clicks MacRumors.com

So once the new update has been fully tested and confirmed will resolved the battery life issues, it will be available for OSX Mountain Lion user to update and resolved the battery issues once and for all, and that good news..

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