Tuesday, 11 September 2012

1 more day for APPLE to Reveal the New iPhone 5

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In my previous post, I talked about the confirmed date for APPLE to decided on the launching of their new iPhone 5. Though APPLE did not mentioned specifically what product are they going to introduce  this coming September 12th 2012, but everyone is pretty sure that the product will definitely be the next generation of iPhone, and it could be called the New iPhone as report suggest that  Cupertino firm might decide to drop the 5 and called it New iPhone instead, just like the launch of New iPad, but everyone so get used to the number, we still called it iPad3...

Come 12th September, rumour also mentioned that there might also be another product launch other than the iPhone 5 ( New iPhone), the new born iPad mini might also be introduced come 12th September. Since this is still a rumour, we might as well stick with the launching of iPhone 5, The new iPod Touch and the new iPod Nano Colors.

According to slashgear.com "Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone 5 next week, and indeed, all signs point to such a reveal. There were also some rumors that claimed Apple would reveal a brand new iteration of the iPad – the iPad Mini – but lately those rumors have died down in favor of new whispers which claim that the iPad Mini will be revealed at a later date. Earlier today, we caught word of an incoming iPod reveal at the event, but aside from the iPhone 5, it’s still difficult to say what Apple has planned." ~ slashgear.com

As I and all the tech sites mentioned it, Apple has and always been in a tight lip when it comes to product launching, though there has been information leakage here and there, but they (Cupertino firm guys) has manage to keep everyone guessing about their next launch....

Here is another snippet from the Examiner.com about the launching preparation for APPLE's new product  

"The Cupertino firm will finally lift the well-kept secret of iPhone 5 and unveil many new products such as the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano colors. On Friday, Apple began to decorate the front of the Yerba Buena Center with numerous banners with the Apple logo surrounded by flashy colors. These designs are also reminiscent of those that the firm had used to launch the new iPods at previous conferences in the fall. This place was previously devoted solely to Apple's music products, at least until 2010." ~ examiner.com

Here are some of the photos found from the web which related to the product launching scheduled on the 12th September 2012.

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