Monday, 17 September 2012

Would you go for a $9 bike?

Ever imagine of riding a $9 recycle bike? well according to one creator of this cheapest bicycle ever invented. the bicycle that cost between $9 to $15 is made out of recycle cardboard. 

The sound of the ‘cardboard’ in its name may give the impression that the bicycle is not fit for actual biking. Well, that’s the surprising part: this bicycle can bear weights up to 300-lbs, thus letting you easily pedal around on it without the fear of cracking it up.

Wow 300 pounds, that like 136kg. that really heavy weight to carry for a cardboard, and since this is a cardboard made bicycle, then for sure this bike is definitely not suitable to racing, instead this is more suitable for transportation purposes. taking you from point A to point B. 

According to its creator Izhar Gafni, with the minimump price of $9, looking from a humanitarian angle, this bicycle is suitable for the third world country. Imagine with just $9 per bicycle how many bicycle can we donate with $100 that about 99 bicycle meaning there are 99 happy kids.

Judging from a commercial angle, the bicycle can be customise according to your suitability,giving reseller an unimagined amount of profit.

I wonder how much would this going to cost us if it ever reaches the malaysian market.....

lets see the bicycle key material "Cardboard"..

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