Thursday, 13 September 2012

iPhone Reveal Day 12th September 2012...


The time has finally here...The reveal of APPLE next generation iPhone 5 dubbe the name new iPhone. I have been waiting for the even. Since I am in Malaysia the other since of the world. attending this event is definitely impossible.

Finally I found this site US Stream TV. and hope that I am able to watch it from here when APPLE CEO Tim Cook reveal the long awaited new iPhone, it is believed that the new iPhone physical has been redesigned. but sad to say that I was not able to watched it..

Now, after the launch has been long finished, all I can do now is to share with you all the physical and briefed technical specification about the new iPhone design.

After watching the video, looks to me that most of the rumors has become a reality. with the casing size, the display screen size has been completely revamp. the SiRi Apple's own voice command creation has been refined to the best possible response when it received an incoming voice command. 

Physical Design 
The thickness of the new iPhone has been reduced, to achieved this Apple design team has to fully optimised its design concept, space management is their top priority in order to produce the thinness Apple iPhone ever created. 

Not only the physical part has been revamp, the new iPhone comes with a wider display screen, allowing users of have a wider view on every aspect of the phone application, video, etc an added advantage. changing from smaller screen to a wider screen would at least reach more consumer based where their concern when it come to display screen "The wider the better"

Speed? well it is going to be faster with the A6 processor. Apple claim that the processing speed has increased tremendously. screen response has also benefited from the new processing capability. 

The improvement made on the processing capability has also made the Apple's new Map application response smoothly as claim during the launching of the new iPhone.

Apple's SiRi
Apple voice command has experience tremendous improvement, SiRi now able to response to most of the frequent use command, game score of earlier match. or maybe even while the match is in progress, Siri might also able to response to the present score. 

Anyway the new SiRi feature also allows you to have instant voice command post on your twitter, and now with Facebook being added in the new IOS 6, SiRi is also able to received your voice message and post it as soon as SiRi received your voice confirmation on posting you latest updates over Facebook.

Face time communication
The new iPhone (iPhone 5) also come with the capability to perform face time communication, to me this is similar to the current feature video calls, but here APPLE claim that the Face time cimmunication feature allows you to perform real time video chat. hopefully this also includes video calls over WCDMA/3G and LTE network.

It about time APPLE implemented the video calls feature in their iPhone. for their iPhone baby to survive in the market video calls feature would be an added value. My personal opinion, though not many users used the video calls features, but to have it on the iPhone would at least put Apple iPhone on par with other smartphone where the video call feature is concern. 

APPLE Map Application

The new application being included is the long awaited Apple MAP application, I my previous post I showed you the Demo version of Apple MAP turn-by-turn capability. I was impressed with the viewing option. and how you can change the setting or viewing setting just by flipping your screen slightly, make you feel like you are flipping a piece of paper. 

Hope I am able to test and experience the new Map application soon, when iPhone arrive Malaysia, particularly Sabah.

Other New Rumors that came to reality
Rumors has been on to the new power charging port, well guess what, the rumor is no longer a rumour, the new iPhone comes with a smaller Data/power charging port. 

This new changes in data/power port comes with a new data and power charging adaptor. similar to MAC Book charging adaptor the socket is reversible.

This is new the previous iPhone connection is only one way, now with the new design concept. regardless how you connect you charger or your iPhone cable, it will always works. this is new and you cant do this on the older version of the iPhone. 

I think Apple will have an adapter or a convertor if you wanted to use the old socket format. maybe later apple would come up a new adapter for users to be able to used the new connector format on the iPhone 4S.  

Camera Features
The new camera capability allows you to take panorama photos, with impressive capability. image quality/details has also improved.  

Just by scanning your iPhone on the view that you wanted to capture, iPhone will processed the images and produce a finish panoramic photo finish on your display screen..

The new Earphone

There was a rumor mentioned that the new Apple iPhone and iPod will come with a newer design version of ear phone. I have seen the image of the new earphone, and the rumors are true..

Let watch the video and let the expert explain to you what to expect from your iPhone once it reaches you palm. and experience the first touch of the new iPhone.

After the launch, APPLE will start shipping the new generation of iPhone to the UK, Japan,Singapore,France,Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and Canada, and by the end of 2012, iPhone 5 will reached every part of the world 


  1. Apple launches very innovative iphone versions every time. Physical design of iphone is great and earphone is also looking awesome.Thanks for post.
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    1. Hi Foras, yes Apple does comes out with great innovation each time when new iPhone or any other product is revealed...

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