Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nikon D600 release looks imminent..

Dear Nikon Fans,

Looks like Nikon D600 release could be imminent. Nikon Has finally decided that they should go for the D600 a new range for the full frame category. I consider this a an full frame camera for the entry level.

I can't wait for this camera to reach the Malaysian market. if the camera is finally here, I will head on to the nearest camera store and have a hand on experience on this camera. I might decide to have one unit for myself too.

For a while I have been trying to decide should I go for another camera brand for my 2nd DSLR, and I have been waiting for the Nikon D400 rumoured to be the next replacement for the old D300s camera. Since  i have invested a lot on lenses for my D90, so to get another brand and start all over again to invest in lenses might not be a good idea, since I don't have the luxury of having my pocket full everyday. So I hope waiting for this new line from Nikon is a bit exciting for me. 

How much will it cost, well according to rumours, it might cost around the range $1500. how much will it going to cost me once it reaches the Malaysian shore, I guess I am just gonna have to wait when the time comes. 

I found a leaked camera image of the new Entry Level Full Frame from Nikon D600 showed up in a Chinese sites. Have a look on this image, it looks real to me. 

The new D600 will be slightly smaller than the D800 Fx camera, never the less, D600 will give a chance to any photographer that wanted to owned and experience a Fx form camera and could not afford the D800, well there is a hope now that you can owned a full frame camera with a much affordable price. Well we just gonna have to wait how affordable an the price be.

Can't wait the have my hand on this new baby....

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