Thursday, 23 August 2012

IOS 6 Apple Map Application Demo at WWDC

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I am not so sure if you guys had already watched this over youtube. remember my last post about the voice test comparison between Samsung Galaxy SIII (S Voice) vs iPhone 4s (Siri) where one of the test involved getting direction to the Sydney Opera house via voice command. If you have not seen this video comparison, please click here to watch the video youtube.

Anyway, I did mentioned in my post that the map would be available once the new IOS 6 map application is launched and released to the public specifically all iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch 4G. Then the landmark would be available when requested for directions. Well looks like Apple had already make sure that their map is working regardless of your location, just voiced out your destination and Apple Map will guide you to your new locations.

Here is a demo perform during the recent WWDC on the IOS 6 3D Map application. I enjoyed as well as impressed with the demo display. Hope you will enjoyed it too.

Especially on the flyover view..impressive yeah...looks like I'm going to change my iPod Touch 3G to say iPod Touch 4G or even better upgrade to iPad... lets see how long to I have to save for this new toys of mine...

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