Thursday, 23 August 2012

Apple (Siri) vs Google (S Voice) Feature Showdown

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My last post was about the voice features showdown from Apple (Siri) and Google (S Voice). Both voice feature/application works considerably well judging by it functionality as well as how responsive they are. Though Siri direction command did not work well it does not work when direction was asked outside of US location or areas, and S Voice were able to response it via its already famous Google Map. Map hope that when IOS 6 is available the new Map Application created by Apple's team would eliminate this short come.

Anyway  here is a video about the latest show down in voice command feature by IOS 6 Siri and Google S Voice for Jelly Bean ver 4.1

Bare in mind that both of these OS (IOS 6 and Jelly Bean) is a beta version, the functionality is not as perfect yet. 

After watching the video. I am not sure if speed is the issues here when comparing the functionality and workability of the feature but more on the how responsive the features are and how accurate the details provided when responded to your request don't you think? well that is just my opinion. but if speed is an issue then Google voice would be the best choice, again as I said on my personal opinion based on functionality wise both players are a winner.

What do you think? please do type in a few comments on your personal views.

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