Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Future Of SUV Concept


Ever wonder how would the future of SUV vehicle looked like in? We have seen so many concept cars which is start to reach the market, especially those of which considered to be green car.

The SUV shown below was a design in collaboration with the agencies and Maclaren IED in Turin, where hte objective is to come up with a design of Maclaren SUV for the year 2020. Some of the concept has been identified and will proceed for further development. According to sources, The design is a mid-engine 4WD, with two seats that will be powered by hybrid power train.

If these concept is successfully being brought to live, then the hot chic in this image will in the future will real live super model, once it is launched in year 2020 at the Annual Motorshow event.

Resource : carphotosgallery

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