Thursday, 7 June 2012

A glimp of our National Carrier MAS newest fleet member....

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In my previous post, I talked about how my daughter enjoyed her vacation to KL...especially when it come to aeroplane, unlike KK there is not many aircrafts can be seen well mostly 737-400, 737-800, ATR operated by MAS Wing, A320-200 operated by AirAsia.

Anyway since reading about the Air Bus A380 , I was so amaze of its size, design as well as the technology it carries inside this huge Commercial Aircraft designed and produced by Airbus, is believe to allow lower operating cost per passenger as well as increase fuel efficiency and performance. (

In my previous post about the A380, I also mentioned that I first seen the A380 while I was on my return trip from training in Singapore. the was in 2007 cant recall the exact date but it was in Changi Airport that I saw the Aircraft, It was a huge aircraft when compared to the other aircarft  beside the SIA A380, it was like a trailer and a small mini car in comparison. 

Anyway, the MAS A380 newest family member. wouldn't it be great if the A380 will fly on domestic route, then I will have the opportunity the experience the comfort of our National Carrier MAS has to offer to all Malaysians. setting in the Y class of A380 is good enough for me and my family.. 

So here are some shots I took during my return holiday trip with my family in KLIA domestic terminal. I can only felt so amaze from the eternal view.. watching the MH002 from afar is so breath taking what more if I am actually inside of the MH002 or MH003. That would awesome.

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