Thursday, 7 June 2012

Amazing Vacation...

Hi Readers,

This year is my daughter's best holiday ever. my wife and I thought it was good if we change our holiday plan, which was at first our shopping trip to KL will only be the two of us. Since our eldest princess is 4 year old I thought it will be a good idea if we tag her along and let her enjoy her school holiday, since she has already completed all her holiday homework in advance.

Since this is her first holiday should have seen her excitement...I wonder if this happens to all kids with first time vacation experience. Anyway it was a tiring holiday...all the can you carry me please...daddy I am so tired... can we go back now...mummy I want KFC...and many more....carrying her was the most tiring one... but she had the best shopping experience ever..55% of the items we purchased are all hers...well the remaining 45% is considered as others...

You haven't seen during flight soon as we fly...about 20 minutes later she fell asleep but woke up just about 1 hour later..and on our return trip to KK (Short for Kota Kinabalu) before boarding Kendra fell asleep this this time she fell asleep until we are about the land at KKIA (KK international Airport).

Here are some the the photos taken during her 2nd experience in the Airport...

Kendra Watching on the Aeroplane 
Kendra Pointing towards one of the Aeroplane
Kendra Flying and insisting me to take photo of her flying
Happily flying..."Daddy take picture see I am flying"
Kendra is flying high up inside the airport
Kendra is flying
Kendra is looking on from the airport window
Kendra is enjoying the view
Watching on from the departure hall

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