Sunday, 6 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note.....2nd Gadget.. (Part 1)

Dear Readers,

Remember on my previous post... well I posted it yesterday. I talked about, well kinda showing of my gadgets which I already owned this year. 

Yesterday was my new MacBook Pro i7 13" laptop. Now since I have been complaining my Hp (Hand phone), having trouble reading my emails..official/personal etc...etc....etc... complaining about my old phone screen was too small to read all my emails. too outdated.. any for the many reason to convince my wife that it time for me to get a new hand phone, tablet phone, smart phone or and Android phone. 

after almost a month of searching, what phone should I take... and here are my list of phones/tablet being considered. 

  1. iPhone 4s (Already in the market since 2011)
  2. iPhone 5 (Not so sure yet.. too many rumours going on around about the release dates)
  3. Samsung Nexus ( Already in the market)
  4. Samsung Note (Already in the market)
  5. HTC Android phone..cant recall which type (But its already in the Market too)
 The iPhone 4s is one of my favourite choice but with iPhone is due to be release this year so getting an iPhone 4s will not be suitable at the moment. Like I have mentioned in my top list of phone iPhone 5 is not going to be here so soon...with some rumours saying it might be in June... the latest rumours are it might be somewhere September or maybe October and it will not be in November...but only APPLE knows the grand release of iPhone5..

The there is the Samsung product of Android Phones.. with my 3 top choice are the all new Samsung Nexus which runs with the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich, its slim and curvy design look nice but the screen is a little too small when it come to reading an email...well of cause iPhone 4s and 5 might be smaller  too.. anyway then I turn to the other Samsung Galaxy Note.. this is a new design from Samsung its a phone but its size makes it looks like a tablet and mini tablet to my opinion. it runs on Android Gingerbread an older version of the Android OS. at the moment Samsung states that it plans to upgrade Nexus to Adroid OS V4.x...when I don't have a clue yet. but according to an article I read Galaxy Note upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich will not be available until the 2nd Qtr of 2012. will there be another delayed...we'll see about that.

Then there is the HTC Android phone...basically HTC has a great design too when it come to Android Smartphone. but the downside for HTC is that all HTC smartphone do not have video call can only make a video calls via Skype.. but maybe because HTC designers think that the the features are already in most of smartphone that are available in the market but nobody wants to use video calls why bother putting this feature on anyway...but that is just my theory... 

So finally the winning choice was the Samsung Galaxy Note... the size is not to big and its not too small either.. 

Notes run on a Dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor.  as far as i know it, Notes has a 2 types sizes of internal memory a 16GB and the 32GB internal memory size upgradable to 32 GB if you have a 16GB internal memory upgrade via external memory Micro SD. 

Feature wise looks OK lah....nothing fancy... but the photo editing feature looks cool... you can crop..any other photo editing function (basic photo editing functions)

Galaxy Notes touch sensitive screen is quite smooth...So it cost me RM1999... at the time of purchase but few days later the price has gone down to around RM1800++ 

So here it is... My very own Samsung Galaxy Note...

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