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2012 Top 10 Wrist Watch Best for Sport Person

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I am no sports person, but when it comes to wrist watch I really wanted to owned everyone that is available in the market. of cause only the best then again the best always comes with a price tag that is beyond my affordability.

In the old days watch is design to tell us the time of the day, it all started with a clock, then classic brilliant person thought why not I turn this clock small enough to fit in my pocket.

Do you know how the word clock came to exist? well according to wikipedia "The word clock is derived ultimately (via Dutch, Northern French, and Medieval Latin) from the Celtic words clagan and clocca meaning "bell"..

Earliest dated watch known from 1530 - Wikipedia
Again according to wikipedia "Watches evolved from portable spring-driven clocks, which first appeared in 15th century Europe. Watches weren't widely worn in pockets until the 17th century. One account says that the word "watch" came from the Old English word woecce which meant "watchman", because it was used by town watchmen to keep track of their shifts. Another says that the term came from 17th century sailors, who used the new mechanisms to time the length of their shipboard watches (duty shifts)."

Like I mentioned before in the olden days watch is design to tell us just time, it allow us to be punctual in our meetings, appointments, dating and many more.

As technology progresses into a more advance stage, watch not only tells us time, it also has many more add on feature to entice the younger generations.

Here are top 10 watches designed for athlete.

Timex SL Series T2M7586K

Function meets form in the Timex SL Series men’s sports watch. Punctuality is only one of the features this watch boasts. With luminescent hands, chronograph functionality and water resistance, this watch can assist in any of your next adventures. We especially love the stainless steel finish and the quality of the watch’s design – a signature of the Timex brand.

Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT 241338

Quality, functionality and features are the Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT's strongest traits. This chronograph has functions capable of tracking time, speed and distance. If you are training for a race, marking distance at sea or performing any similar activity, the XLT is sure to enhance your preparation.

Casio AMW320B-1AV
Not your average chronograph, the Casio AMW320B-1AV men's sports watch sets itself apart from the pack with both an analog and digital clock option. The digital chronograph seems to solve many of the problems you may have with a strictly analog watch; you don't need a separate night mode to read time in the dark, and you don't need three additional dials on the watch face to track split time or other dual increments. The AMW320B-1AV is also water resistant up to 100M. Casio provides fantastic help and support system for its products.

Luminox EVO Navy SEAL A.3051

The Luminox EVO Navy SEAL exemplifies the government organizations it caters to: it is durable, long lasting and always ready. Its design is intended to stand up over time, even in the worst conditions. We are especially impressed with the watch's light technology that ensures constant illumination for up to 25 years.
Seiko Sportura SNAE67

Seiko has been in the watch-making business for a long time. The company may have even been the first manufacturer of wristwatches with its release of the Laurel in 1913 in Japan. The company has come a long way since then with its Seiko Sportura SNAE67, a men's sports watch with all of the functionality you would need. Whether you're an athlete looking for a training watch or someone looking for an everyday watch, the functionality of the Sportura fits both worlds.
Bulova Accutron Kirkwood 65A100

We'll admit we were a little star struck by the Bulova Accutron Kirkwood's good looks, but when we looked closer, the included features also impressed us. This men's sports watch has more than a pretty face. It can resist water up to 200M, measure speed and distance with its rotating bezel and keep track of your best race times with its built-in chronograph.
T-RACE Gent 2010 T048.417.27.057.00

The Tissot T-RACE Gent 2010 is as sporty as men's sports watches get. Its sleek design and multi-functional features make it ideal for a casual athlete or someone training for a marathon. A built-in chronograph can help track your best times, a tachymeter bezel can measure your speed and distance, and the water resistance will protect the watch's internal mechanisms while you are swimming.
Invicta Pro Diver 8932

The Invicta Pro Diver men's sports watch is powered by the latest in quartz technology and has the best diver-specific features of any watch on our lineup. It doesn't have chronograph functionality or a very comprehensive warranty, but the features it does boast, outweighs those it lacks.
Timex Ironman T5K354HC

The Timex Ironman is a watch that every serious Ironman competitor should have. It can help with your training whether you're swimming, running or biking. After you're done training for the day, the watch is designed well enough to act as an out-on-the-town watch. We only wish Timex offered a better warranty and a more user-friendly instruction manual.
Citizen WR100 AT0810-12E

The Citizen WR100 men's sports watch is one of the best looking in our lineup of the top 10 products. We love the quality details like the leather watchband and the included five-year warranty. We're sure the solar-powered functionality works fantastically, but we're not entirely sold on the idea yet.
My pick of these many great watches will be the T-RACE Gent 2010 by TISSOT. I have always been a fan of TISSOT, I will really go and check out with this watch. Now I pick my personal choice, what is your choice?

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  1. Alege ceasul tau preferat Invicta de pe si presti un ceas cadou la fiecare produs comandat. Recomand si voua! Incearca si nu vei regreta.

  2. The technology can also be used to tell you how 'fresh' you are, and how strenuous your session wasYou can wear the Smart watch Heart Rate belt to track your exercise, even when you're in the swimming pool! However, if you also wear it post-exercise, and for recovery sessions, This 'heart rate variability' feedback is smart stuff, and can really help you to get the most from your training; preventing overtraining, and facilitating 'overloading' at key points in your race calendar.


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