Thursday, 8 December 2011

AirAsia 10th Year Anniversary Sale for Everyone..

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Good news Look like AirAsia is making a stronger point that we all really can fly to everywhere and anywhere as long as we have plan to travel and get to know places we never travel before. especially getting to know all our neighboring states in malaysia...

With the up coming or should I say now...AirAsia is promoting Malaysian to travel with their 10th Anniversary Sale... for just RM0.10 cents, just imagine that...

Lets get busy and start clicking to mouse, typing your keyboard and then submit your bookings, finally end with a smile as your confirmed your travel with your family by clicking the confirmed button on your computer, or even in style as you confirmed your flight from your iPad, imagine that confirmed your bookings from your iPad or iPhone what a style.

With this sale, Air Asia has made it possible for you and your family to travel by air, or even make a surprise gift for your parents via AirAsia 10th Anniversary sales...again imagine that a surprise ticket for your parents.
Travel begins from 1 Jul - 27 Oct 2012 when you make your bookings from 8th December - 11th December 2011 just go to

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