Thursday, 8 December 2011

Battle of The Ultrabook...2011

Acer s3 vs Asus ux31 vs Macbook Air

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looks like the latest edition of Ultrabook has hit the market with 2 of the Acer and Asus latest edition going head to head with the all famous Apple Ultrabook Macbook Air 2011 model.

Since I don't any photo reference of my own, and found that engadget has the best image for reference and post it in my blog for readers to have and overall pictorial comparison view of the 3 players. 

Though the design is great and sleek I must say Apple has been all the while a trend setter as well as bar setter for others to compete each other, yet in the end the users has the final say. since buying or owning the latest gadget will never fulfill our craved for IT mobility and conveniences when it comes to laptop or ultrabook. each has its own pro and con when it comes to finding the right choice, and the deeper you pocket is the better the gadget you can have.

So hope you all find this information useful as much as I have enjoyed compiled and simplified the comparison for you all to compare in a pictorial and table format.

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Comparison between Acer s3 vs Asus ux31 vs Macbook Air

As I have mentioned earlier, when it comes to having and getting a new gadget, it all comes to the size of your pocket, or should I say wallet/purse. hehehe..

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