Sunday, 2 October 2011

Story of 3 year old talk to the fly..

Hi Readers,

Kids now a days talk as if they are adults, what happen a few moments ago. my wife wanted to prepare stir fried prawn with sos. I bought a 600g of tiger prawn. after I cleaned it my wife would start preparing the prawn for dinner.

Kendra went to the kitchen to have a peek, just to check what is her mummy doing. later came the fly attracted by the smell of the prawn. My wife ask our daughter to chase the fly away... this is how the conversation goes..

Kendra           : Mummy what r you doing?
Mummy         : I am cooking the prawn for dinner..
Kendra           : Oh…I like prawn oh mummy..
Mummy         : Ok after u can have 1 prawn..

Suddenly a fly came wandering above the prawns…

Mummy         : Kendra can u help mummy chase the fly away?
Kendra           : Hello fly, r u hungry? U want to eat prawn? After mummy   
  cooking the prawn then u can eat ok..
Mummy         : ?#@!%?? And smile…

When my wife told me about it..just smile how a 3 yr old kid can talk to the fly in her own natural way...

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