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A comparison of iPad2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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I tried not to be bias on the personal comment below, and hope the comparison of the 2 will as neutral as possible..

When I first heard that Samsung has launch its Galaxy Tab, most my colleagues went out to purchase a unit of their own, maybe because The Samsung Galaxy Tab offer mobility on the internet connectivity, it also provide voice connectivity. 

Where as the iPad2 it only offers mobility on the internet connection. though The Galaxy Tab on offers its user 1 choice but the iPad2 offer its die hard fan several choices to go for. other than multiple memory size of 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb you can also opt for a wife connectivity only or both Wi-Fi + 3G model: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz). these choice allow user to have their own ipad according to their budget. 

My sister did ask for my opinion on the type of tablet that is better, so first I ask her do you want a tablet that allows to to make calls while at the same time give you the edge of mobile internet connectivity or you would only prefer to have mobility on the internet connectivity. because the first version of Samsung Galaxy Tab, it allows to the capability to make voice calls, but the later versions only allows you to make internet connection..

Then I explain to her on the difference, briefly and show her my iPod touch, which the function is quite similar, apart from the huge difference in size, processing speed. Then she told me he prefers only having to good internet mobility. so I proposed to the the iPad, and advice her to get a 32Gb with 2 connectivity option a wifi or 3G..

Below are the comparison for the 2 Tablet elite industry players of the our product.. 


With approximate weight of 545g for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when compared with the Apple iPAD2 at a weight of 603g, The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lightly lighter that the Apple iPAD2. Samsung opted for minimalism over connectivity so there's no USB, media card slots or anything else spoiling the sleek design. We will berate Samsung for not adding a metal back, relying on cheaper plastic instead. The only hardware buttons are the on/off button and volume with everything else navigated via the ultra responsive multitouch interface.

Though slightly heftier than the Samsung Galaxy, when lifting the iPad 2 out of the box, you almost feel like you’re handling Grandma’s best china- such is the skinniness of the 8.8mm frame. Remarkably though, the tablet retains a very sturdy feel. It’s not the least bit fragile and there’s zero flexibility.  With a difference of  Fifty-Eight grams heavier than the Samsung Galaxy, the one-handed grip on the iPad 2 is slightly uncomfortable. The thin edges on this model actually make it difficult to keep a steady hand and you have to adopt an awkward reach-around approach to access the volume and screen switches.

When compare to the thickness of both Samsung Galaxy 10.1 at 8.7mm and the iPAD2 with 8.8mm, though it makes no big deal but looks like the Galaxy has slight thinner with a difference of 0.1mm.


Samsung again has a slightly bigger screen with 10.1inch where as the iPad2 has a much smaller screen size of 9.7inch when comaprare to ipad2 which has a much smaller screen size of 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology, While indoor performance is still great and colours are truly vivid for gaming, photos and videos, in the post-Retina Screen world, text still isn’t quite as crisp as we’d like and it’s still pretty useless in sunlight. It also attracts a lot of finger marks. the Samsung Galaxy Tab Multimedia playback on the screen is abundant clarity from every angle and it is one of the brightest mobile screens we've seen so far.


The only connection is a dock connector that plugs in to a USB port or into an AC Adapter for charging. That's very slow charging - T3's (The Gadget Website) review unit tested and found that Galaxy Tab 10.1 took nearly four hours to get back to maximum charge but the powerful 7000-mAh battery lasts for up to nine hours on light use. 

For the iPad2, In terms of battery life, T3 test results found that ipad2 has about 6 hours of near-solid Wi-Fi surfing, downloading apps and playing games, which is very respectable. according to T3 the extra processing power doesn’t seem to be provide any supplemental drain on the battery and it takes a mere 3 hours to fully recharge .


Despite Samsung's commitment to social networking, it's not comprehensively integrated. It does have a Social Hub to manage and sync all of your networking trails and includes Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Samsung has also added an e-readers and Music Hub to rival iTunes.

According to T3 (The Gadget website) the apps hawkers at the Samsung marketplace have got nothing extra to sell that a user won't already find much more off at the Android Market. Tablets can live or die by their eco-system and most are a bazillion miles away from a fair fight with Apple. That said, they did get Dropbox and the Evening Standard app are great. Yes, there is Angry Birds in HD, you casual gamer, you. On paper the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 is unsurpassed with only the TouchPad offering 200Hz more on its processor. Here you get a 1Ghz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor combined with NVIDIA 's Tegra 2, which accounted for the fact this can fly through graphically intensive HD apps games like, Galaxy on Fire 2 without breaking a sweat.
Other goodies include 1GB of memory, a 3MP rear and 2MP front camera that's fine for the bundled Google Talk. If you want Skype you have to download it. The rear camera is slow to take shots and the focusing seems more like a lucky dip but it can handle excellent 720 HD video recording and 1080 HD video playback.
For the ipad2 T3 mentioned that there a quantifiable improvement comes with the new dual core 1GHz Apple A5 processor, replacing the A4 by offering twice the power. If you thought this thing was nifty before, then wait until you get a hold of the iPad 2. Such is the speed of response when you touch the screen that you’ll think ‘did I even touch that yet?’ It almost pre-empts your commands. The T3 iPad Edition opens instantly, while images render much faster than before. The heftier apps, like the new GarageBand (an essential download, the highlight of which is the different response from piano keys depending on the sensitivity of your touch - enabled by the accelerometer and a huge leap forward) still take a short while to open, but not noticeably loads and renders quickly over Wi-Fi, while pinch-to-zoom re-formatting is definitely quicker.
For the ipad2 

YouTube performance is great, while downloading music, movies and podcasts is rapid. Of course the other change comes with the addition of cameras. FaceTime video calling is now available for iPad and while the quality won’t blow you away it does the job. The rear-facing camera is passable, offering decent snaps in good conditions, but drab colours and limited detail the rest of the time. There’s 720p video recording on board, which comes in really handy for the brilliant iMovie app, but the iPad 2 has to be the most ridiculously shaped video camera of all time


Both players, Apple and Samsung produce the best tablet product for their die hard fans. regardless of which brand you opt for, as long as these tablets satisfy your needs and crave for performance and internet mobility. the I guess be it a Galaxy Tab or and iPad, these product has serve its purpose towards their loyal fans..

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