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The Avengers 2012 (Clues found in Iron Man2)

Dear Readers,

I am sure you all have read my post related to The Avengers Movies, again I say I just cant wait until this movie is released.

Anyway..yesterday while I planning to prepare lunch for my wife and daughter, I decided to take a short rest while waiting the meat to defrost. I turned on my TV to ASTRO Movie channel. then I saw this Iron Man2 half way but its the part that tells everything that The Avengers is coming to the big Screen, the part I started watching was when Tony got a tape from Nick Fury if I'm no mistaken (Anyone who remembers about this part please correct me if I am wrong). so Tony's father told him that he (Tony) was his greatest creation. and that he has initiate a project that cannot be possible during his father's time and that with the technology that Tony had, his father hope that he (Tony) would continue his work..

So Tony went to meet Pepper at Stark Ind Office and took home his father work model.. 

Then at his mansion..he scanned and converted the model into 3D view and there he found the new core design for his Iron Man suit.

Here come the fun part, remember when he design the equipment, then the S.H.I.E.L.D agent came in while Tony was busy completing the hardware that would later powered his iron man suit. the agent (forgot his name already - the agent) came in and wanted to tell Tony that he has been reassigned to New Mexico due to strange event had occurred there, since it is classified field task, the agent did not elaborate more on the mission. Sign No.1 Event in New Mexico What is that all about...we will get back to that soon..

Anyway remember when the Agent came in? Tony was busy? and the agent some how pickup something like a shield. do you know what shield it that? Yes it look like the shield used by Captain America "The First Avenger" right? which later Tony used is to level his hardware for the production of his new Core. This is Sign No.2 The Shield of Captain America.

Remember the agent say an event had occurred in new Mexico? we will come to that part later.. maybe you guy had guessed it but anyway we will come back to that again later.

The 3rd signed is when Nick Fury interviewed Tony about his assessment result made by Agent Natasha Romanoff before the interview start, the camera showed a 360 degree of the room right and the room was surrounded by TV/Monitor screen, did you notice that there is an event currently took place while Tony was being interviewed? 

Yup if guessed it right then you are a Marvel Superheroes fans, if if you don'n and your will still be a Fans, yes it is the none other then The Incredible Hulk, it was the role of Hulk played by Edward Norton..hehehe..Signed No.3 Hulk fighting with another hulk created by the military headed by Gen. Ross.

Then the 4th signs are the one when Tony Start met Gen Ross after he was humiliated by the act, sitting in a bar all alone drinking his shots of wisky.. Who came in? Yup again its Tony Stark telling Gen Ross of his proposition to assemble a Special TEAM...

The final part is when the agent that was assigned to New Mexico found the Hammer of THOR, confirms the team of Avengers Schedule for worldwide screen in 2012..

So there you are the full hint of Avengers Team to be assemble found in IRON MAN2..

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.....again I cant wait for The Avenger..

These Are the Avengers
Tony Stark is pictured center wearing a smart suit, against a black background, behind him are is the Iron Man red and gold armor, and the Iron Man silver armor. His friends, Rhodes, Pepper, are beside him and below against a fireball appears Ivan Vanko armed with his energy whip weapons.

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