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How to read a book in one go..

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I found this article as I read through I found it useful if I share this finding to all my guest/readers

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Photo way to increase your reading speed

5 Steps to Photo Reading technique...

This article mentioned about how you can learn to speed-read by going from cover to cover in one sitting -- and yet you still able digest all that you need to know about that particular book..

Here are the tips highlighted:

According to Cisek "all you required is a work session of 20 minutes". You don't have to read the whole book. You can just read chunks and pull out information that is relevant to you." 

I thought at first this is about upgrading your internet I read through this is what he meant by upgrading your browser...haha...

"Preview the book for two to five minutes, flicking through the table of contents and index to get a sense of how it's laid out," says Cisek. "This will help you set up a purpose for the 20 minutes." Know what you want to get out of the book.

...Oh..ok so you need to practice browsing your book, any kind of book that interest you will do.. well you know what they said "practice makes you perfect" this is how we can upgrade our Browser..

Peripheral vision helps you read in clumps, so sharpen up before you start. "Look straight ahead, relax your eyes and be aware of as much as you can in order to see both sides of you at the same time," advises Cisek.

let go all the worries, anxiety (if any), concentrate, relax you mind before you start photo reading a book. find a place a quite place this will help you avoid all the distraction.

"Deliberately fix your eyes on only two or three points per line as you read, and you'll take in words on either side of these points with your peripheral vision," says Cisek. You're reading the message, not the words themselves.

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System consists of 5 steps:

1. Preparation Stating your purpose and entering an ideal state for learning.
2. Previewing Scanning the information to make a decision whether to go further and discovering the 4-11% of the text that includes the key messages to satisfy your purpose for reading the material.
3. PhotoReading Taking in (downloading) all the information from the text at a speed of 25.000 words per minute - or if you like, one page per second into the subconscious mind where it can be processed. Our conscious mind can process 7 (+/-2) bits of information at a time. The subconscious mind processes at least 20.000 bits of information at a time.PLEASE NOTE The PhotoReading step itself isn't "traditional / conventional reading" at 25,000 words per minute
4. Postviewing Extracting very detailed information if needed.
5. Activation Building conscious understanding of the text with a variety of speed reading techniques.

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according to photoreading uk :

"PhotoReading does not give you a photographic memory nor instant recall of everything. It simply makes visual information faster to process and easier to use with more choice to how to do it."

To Summarized: 

• The 5 step Photoreading system enables you to process information at least 2-3 times faster with increased comprehension
• The PhotoReading step itself is "downloading" the printed page
• The PhotoReading step itself isn't "traditional reading" at 25,000 words per minute
• With the Photoreading system we use intentionally the subconscious mind and physical relaxation to enhance learning

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