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The worst Disaster ever to hit the world..Part 2

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As you all have read the Part 1 of my post on the world worst disaster compiled by David B Hall. and details of the disaster I found from wikipedia, explaining what was the disaster about, how or where is happened and the date it had occurred.

This is the Part 2 of the World Worst Disaster Information..

21)   Ireland, 1845 - 48
"Potato Famine" takes at least a million lives. 
The people of Ireland expected a good potato crop in 1845. The weather had appeared to be favourable and in many senses, the farming community of Ireland expected a bumper harvest. However, when it came to digging up the potatoes, all they got was a black gooey mess. In fact, the expected bumper crop turned out to be a disaster. There was a 50% loss of potatoes in this year. The rural community had no way of countering this. Each family grew what they needed for that year and few had any to keep for times of trouble. In fact, the problem got worse. The crop of 1846 was all but a total failure and there was a very poor harvest in 1847. Three disastrous years in succession presented Ireland with huge problems.

22)   France, Germany, America, etc., 1870
approximately 500,000 lives lost as a result of smallpox.
The Franco-Prussian War triggered a smallpox pandemic of 1870–1875 that claimed 500,000 lives

23)   China, 1876 - 1879
The deadliest drought in recorded history was in China between 1876 and 1879. Rivers were dry, so most crops and livestock died. There was no food production in a 1-million km2 area of 9 provinces.The drought caused the death of an estimated nine million people.

24)   Java and Sumatra, 1883
Krakatoa, a small volcano on an uninhabited island between Sumatra and Java (Indonesia), erupted with such fury it could be heard inAustralia nearly 5,000 kilometers away. The tsunami that followed took about 50,000 lives.

25)   China, 1887
The worst flood in "modern history" happened in China in 1887. The Yellow River overflowed, causing the death of about 900,000people. (Some reports say it was a million that parished.)

26)   Japan, 1896
About 28,000 people lost their lives from a Tsunami
The 1896 Meiji-Sanriku earthquake was highly destructive, generating one of the most devastating tsunamis in Japanese history, destroying about 9,000 homes and causing at least 22,000 deaths.[1][2] This magnitude 7.2 event occurred at 19:32 (local time) on June 15, 1896. The magnitude of the tsunami (Mt = 8.2)[3] was much greater than expected for the estimated seismic magnitude and this earthquake has been regarded as being part of a distinct class of events, a tsunami earthquake.

27)   Caribbean, 1902
Martinique, a small French colony in the Caribbean, has a volcano "Mont Pelee" which unleashed its fury and wiped out the town of St. Pierre. Only one survivor - pictured on right: a prisoner in a basement cell. (There's a good chance he got his life right with God before that day was over!)  But there were actually two others who also survived. see their amazing stories  Around 30,000 people were killed.

28)   Italy, 1908
An earthquake of 7.2 magnitute and the tidal wave that resulted, destroyed several southernmost Italian cities and towns and approximately 123,000 people.
The 1908 Messina earthquake and tsunami took some 100,000–200,000 lives on December 28, 1908 in Sicily and Calabria, southern Italy.On December 28, 1908 from about 05:20 to 05:21 an earthquake of 7.2 on the moment magnitude scale occurred centered on the of city Messina, inSicily. Reggio Calabria on the Italian mainland also suffered heavy damage. The ground shook for some 30 to 40 seconds, and the destruction was felt within a 300 km radius. Moments after the earthquake, a 12 m tsunami struck nearby coasts causing even more devastation. 91% of structures in Messina were destroyed and some 70000 residents were killed.[2] Rescuers searched through the rubble for weeks, and whole families were still being pulled out alive days later, but thousands remained buried there.[3] Buildings in the area had not been constructed for earthquake resistance, having heavy roofs and vulnerable foundations.

29)   China, 1911
Yangtze River
 flood - approx: 100,000 deaths.

30)   Italy, 1915
Avezzano, Italy - 7.5 earthyquake takes nearly 30,000 lives. 
The 1915 Avezzano earthquake or 1915 L'Aquila earthquake occurred on January 13[1]in southern Italy, near the city of L'Aquila. The epicenter was located in the town of Avezzanoin southern Italy. 30,000 direct fatalities resulted from the earthquake, destroying the epicentral area. The earthquake took place at around 8:00 local time affecting thousands of people throughout central and southern Italy; the shaking was even felt in Rome also.[2] The town ofAvezzano was literally toppled from the shaking and only one high-rise building survived.[3] 96 percent of its population was eliminated almost simultaneously, the worst casualty zone. 

31)   World-wide, 1918 - 19
Influenza pandemic takes somewhere between 35 million and 75 million lives (some reports estimate around a hundred million, but those can't be confirmed) - at least 16 million people died in India alone. This is clearly the worst disaster - at least in the last thousand years.

32)   China, 1920 - 21
In the north China there was a drought that caused 20 million victims and took at least 500,00 lives.

33)   China, Gansu - 1920
, China is hit with an earthquake measuring 8.6 and kills around 200,000 people.
1920 Haiyuan earthquake (Chinese: 海原大地震; pinyin: Hǎiyuán dà dìzhèn), was an earthquake that occurred on December 16, 1920. The epicenter was 36.50°N 105.70°E [2], in Haiyuan County, Ningxia Province, Republic of China. It was also called the 1920 Gansu earthquake [1] because Ningxia was a part of Gansu Province when the earthquake occurred.
The earthquake hit at local time 20:06:53 (GMT 12:06:53), reportedly 7.8 on the Richter magnitude scale, followed by a series of aftershocks for three years. Today's Chinese mediaclaim the earthquake as of magnitude 8.5, although the scale is not specified. It caused total destruction (XII - the maximum intensity on the Mercalli scale) in theLijunbu-Haiyuan-Ganyanchi area.

Total casualty was reported as 200,000 in a summary published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS),[1], 240,000 according to Ningxia Daily, a Chinese publication in the current administrative area.[2], and 235,502 according to the Catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World (Through 2008) maintained by the International Institute of Seismology and 
34)   Japan, 1923
A third of Tokyo is destroyed and much of Yokohama in an 8.3 earthquake which between 140,000 and 200,000 people.
This earthquake devastated Tokyo, the port city of Yokohama, surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka, and caused widespread damage throughout the Kantō region.[3] The power and intensity was astonishing: it managed to move the 93-ton Great Buddha statue at Kamakura which was over 60 km away from the epicenter, sliding it forward almost two feet.[4][5]
Casualty estimates range from about 100,000 to 142,000 deaths, the latter figure including approximately 40,000 who went missing and were presumed dead. Damages from this natural disaster were the greatest sustained by Prewar Japan. In 1960, the government of Japan declared September 1, the anniversary of the quake, as an annual "Disaster Prevention Day."
According to the Japanese construction company Kajima Kobori Research's conclusive report of September 2004, there were 105,385 confirmed deaths in the 1923 quake.

35)   China, 1927
An earthquake 7.9 - hit Nanshan City and took about 200,000 people.

36)   China, 1931
A flood on the Changjiang River took at least 145,000 people (other estimates go over a million, but we have not confirmed that).

37)   China, 1932
Another earthquake, this one northwest Gansu Province, killed about 70,000 people.

38)   China, 1935
Another Yellow River flood "caused 27 counties inundated and 3.4 million victims".  How many actual lives were killed we don't know. If you have facts, let us hear from you.

39)   China, 1933
Another Changjiang River flood takes the lives of at least 140,000 people.

40)   Pakistan, 1935
About 30,000 lost their lives in a 7.5 earthquake.

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