Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sabah Traditional Dance (Cultural Dance)

Since part of my blog is also dedicated to introduce our Cultural to my blog reader and blog visitor. I decided to post one of our Traditional/Cultural Dance, well actually there are 2 cultural dance in this video clip.

1) Kadazan Sumazau (Cultural Dance from Penampang Kadazan ethnic group)
2) Moginatip (Cultural Dance from Keningau)

This video is not recorded by me, a video I downloaded from you tube.

Every year in the month of May 30th and 31st we celebrate our annual event called the Kaamatan Festival. lots of activities organized by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA). This highlights of this celebration is the beauty contest. The contestant comes from all over Sabah that won the Kamaatan district level will represent their district in this Kamaatan Celebration.

Since I have started my own blog, I will have a visit to KDCA Hall where the Kamaatan festival is being held annually.

And I will talk more about the ethnic group in Sabah. Please enjoy the video clips below.

Kadazan Sumazau Dance & Murut Mogunatip Dance

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