Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Celcom Wellness Program (FLOW)


Today there are 54 colleague of mine including myself attended or should I say being selected to be the 1 batch to attend this new health program of my company, the core objectives of this program is to improve and to provided knowledge on the importance of exercising.

There are several modules being presented in this program, I might only be able to remember some of it, but basically it teaches us on:
1) The simplest way to exercise and improved our health, Squat, Push-Ups,Sit-Ups or in short (SPS)
2) How to manage your stress
3) The importance of exercise
4) Posture and Movement (how we sit and how we walk)
5) improve our diet lifestyle

To get the ball rolling, we first divided into 5 groups, then we were asked to choose a team name, name must comes from fruits and vegetables and then created our own flag.

Our team came up with the name berries, and we chose 4 type of berries. Blue Berry, Strawberry, Crane Berry and last but not least Black Berry..

After having our name, I took charge by drawing our Group flag, its that special just a simple one besides I am not that good as an artist...

Or did I mentioned that we also required to create a Tag line and the word FLOW must be in it. after a short discussion we decided that our tag line is "The Colour Flow Berries" and then with the tag line we were also asked to make our war shout (if I am not mistaken the terms used). Anyway this is our Shouts

Wanna Stay Young?!!
Wanna Stay Healthy?!!
Wanna Stay Fit?!!
So Come on!!
Take your berries!!
Blue Berries!
Crane Berries!
Black Berries! - Since we are in the mobile telecommunication industry.. we turn Black Berries into a phone..
Flooooooooooooooow Berries!!! - I ran across my team and jump while shouting the last line..

Doing that I almost hurt ankle... LoL

After a series of talks....short warm up exercise.. we did the warm up almost an hour.. basically its no a short one since my last warm up exercise was few years back...I mean way back since my last real exercise..phew!! and doing these exercise made me realized that my aging body has began to slightly deteriorate. so I need to exercise regularly to keep me stay healthy.

After the heavy warm up exercises.. I proceed to the next program get our Mass Body Index (BMI) and Fat reading. well mine is O2 (Obese for BMI and Fat level reading) with my weight of 82.3kg and height at 160cm so based on the table I am in the obese category. Maybe its because my blood type is O, I joked with my colleagues..

After that we went straight to the lobby for our buffet lunch, we all tried to control our lunch. hehehe only for that particular hour. since the program has not ended yet so everyone was actually controlling their diet.

Its 2pm we returned to the room for the next program. Because we just had our lunch. our trainer taught us about progressive relaxation. this program teaches us how to relax while at the same time improve our energy after lunch. so that we would not feel any sleepiness. while the music is on we only concentrate on our instructor voice. can you imagine after a while while closing our eyes...there is someone snoring...yup, no kidding it a real snore. Wow I said to myself while loosing track of my concentration for a while. this colleague of my is really2 relaxing. 

We did not feel like how time pass it has been 30 minutes in to the progressing relaxation technique. and the instructor ask the floor. Did anyone heard the sound of snoring? everyone knew where the snoring came from, but we just kept quiet and continue with the program.

Then we proceed to the next program its about Posture and movement technique and its all about the correct way to sit, stand and finally walk.

After that we proceed to the next test, this test will evaluate the level of our fitness, we are required to do push-ups as many as we can, and record on a scoring card.

Then we proceed to sit-ups test, here we are required to do sit-ups as many as we could within 1 minute.

The third test was the leg stretching test, this test allow us to see how far our arm can reach our toes,

The final test was the arm stretching, this part required us to stretch both our arms from our back. if we touched our overlap our fingers.

So how what is my results?

1) Push-Ups (20 push-ups) at my age 36 my level is POOR
2) Sit-Ups in 1 minutes (41 sit-ups) this my level is AVERAGE
3) Leg stretching test (I reached up to my shin) so basically at my age this is POOR
4) Arm Stretching test (this part I only manage to stretch my arm just touching my fingers) so this is  

So to sum up. BMI & fats level both (Obese), push-ups (Poor), Sit-Ups (Average), Leg stretch (Average) and finally Arm stretch (Average)

Based on the results I need to improve my BMI and Fats level and also to exercise more to improved my overall body fitness.. Wow I need to do this hopefully exercise consistently.

Before the program ended there are several quizes that need to be answered, and our team won this part and got our self a note pad with every stick on pad has a reminder to remind us to stay healthy and fit by doing the exercises regularly.

Then, after the prize presentation a group photos..and the program completed.

What have we learned?
1) To improved our body fitness perform regular-consistent exercises.
2) Exercises improved our stress level, time management and keeps us fit and healthy.
3) Make exercise fun and enjoy.
4) What is the correct Posture and Movement (How we Stand,Sits and Walk)
5) Our diet, how to improve it? (50% of Malaysian as per latest data release by our government are obese) 
    50% is quite an alarming percentage).
6) How to perform progressive relaxation
7) SPS exercise techniques (Squat, Push-Ups and Sit-Ups)
8) Regular exercise improved our concentration level.

and many more...

So from now on, regular and consistent exercise is a must in order to avoid any unwanted health risk.

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