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Turn your iPhone into a mouse....

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Do you always use a wireless connected mouse or a bluetooth connected mouse, and find that pack you mouse together with your laptop is not always convenient, or maybe you keep losing your mouse. and sometime when you are doing your presentations and suddenly halfway through the presentation your bluetooth mouse batteries run out and to make matters worse your don't have any batteries replacement with you, so what do you do then...

Well no matter what the cases are. if you have an iPhone with you and doing your presentation with you MAC. then you wont have to worry further. iPhone has an application that would allow you to turn your iPhone into a mouse. 

Not sure if anyone knows about this, but to those who don't know anything about turning your iPhone into a useable mouse, then this is a bonus to you. Le me show you how to turn your iPhone into a mouse. 


Firstly of course, you need an Application for your iPhone. There are several Applications that are available in the APPLE Store. that are meant to bring touchpad functionality to your iPhone. Super Remote and Wireless Mouse are two alternatives, but for the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to use Splashtop Touchpad. Their app is one of the best-rated ones on the App Store and has a number of useful functions aside from just being a mouse. Your first step, then, is to head over to the App Store and download Splashtop Touchpad for your iPhone. Normally it costs $6.99, but the publisher periodically puts it on sale or offers it for free. Trust us, it’s worth every penny.


Once you have the relevant application installed, your next step would be to download a client-side piece of software for installation on your computer. This program is called Splashtop Streamer, and the first time you launch the app you’ll be given the URL from which you can download it. If you want to install the client application now and install the iPhone app later, you can just visit the publisher’s website to do so.


After the client application and the iPhone app are installed, your next step is to simply connect the devices. You’ll have to run Splashtop Streamer once after it’s installed and create a security code for connecting to your computer. You also have the option to add your Google account to it.

After that, there are two ways to connect. If you added your Google account, you’ll be able to access your computer from anywhere. Otherwise your iPhone needs to be on the same Wi-Finetwork as your computer. Regardless of how you connect, it will automatically detect the computer. Tap the name of your machine, enter the security code and you’re good to go!


Setting up the app to work is easy, and the functionality is hard to match. There are a few gestures you can use, such as two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. Tapping the keyboard icon in the upper left part of the screen will also let you enter text from the iPhone’s keyboard. It’s a very useful app to have, and it’s useful whether you’re giving a presentation or just happened to become the victim of a misplaced mouse.

Since I dont have an iPhone, sadly to say that I am unable to try this feature with my MAC Book, otherwise, I will definitely download the application into my iPhone and the client application into my MAC. and tried it myself. too bad for me...

I have also include the application required there are free application you can try. since I have not tried it before I am unable to personally advice or comment on each of the application, so a word of advice browse through and search for review of that particular application first if you want to turn your iPhone as a backup mouse. once you understand the Pros & Cons, then go ahead and enjoy this new conversion....

Resource : from Kenson 

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