Friday, 17 August 2012

FEMTO Photography

Dear Readers,

I saw a video about the latest creation in the world of imaging, be it a computer generated imaging or photography imaging. This type of latest technology invented and created by a group of innovators from MIT has awaken us that there is now a way that allow us to really watched the travelling wave of lights.

When I watch this short movie from youtube, I was amazed and in Awe just as the audience who attended Mr Ramesh Raskar introduction to their invention. 

Before you watch this video I quoted Mr Ramesh speech closing introduction speech to A Trillion Frames per Second Imaging also known as FEMTO Photography.

"Hope is that the DIY, the Creatives and the Research Community, will show us that we should stop obsessing about the Megapixels in cameras and start focusing on the next dimension in imaging. Its about time..." ~ Ramesh Raskar

For sure this will not come cheap for the mass users in camera, but this type of photo imaging will surely benefit the medical and scientific imaging, or even for security purposes.

Hope you enjoy this technology introduction by Mr. Ramesh Raskar from MIT.

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