Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Samsung SIII vs iPhone 4s (The Drop Test)

Dear Readers,

The 2 world giants of Tablet + Smartphone warrior  are going to face a critically extreme durable test.  The test was done by Android Authority team, to see which smartphone survive the test.

I cant make the test on my own because I don't have the luxury to get a new set once I have complete the test, unless I have someone to sponsor me the test.

Anyway I am glad that I can find it from youtube and share this test done by Android Authority to you. I just gonna let this video reveal the result of the Drop Test between Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 4s.

I wonder how would iPhone 5 fair if there is another drop test just for the iPhone 5 itself, we dont need to test the Samsung SIII since we have already know the result.

now I know it does worth to have a thick iPhone building size.

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