Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tourbillon Vs Carrousel Movement

Hi Readers,

Since my last post, I have been talking about Cars and watches. Toys for the big boys.. and I have foun this interesting video about the two different designs that is hidden inside every BEST, Most Expensive, Most Luxurious, Most Creative, Most Modern yet Elegant watch every to be displayed in every Timepiece Boutique in the world. 

This  video was created by one of the oldest watch maker in the world today. Blancpain has 3 machines designed to run its most creative masterpiece in watch making and designs, these 3 designes  that currently running in their ever greatest design in timepiece collection are the Tourbillon, The Carrousel and The Minute Repeater

Some of Blancpain designs and collections are Le Brassus, L-Evolution, LEMAN to name few. anyway, to read more about BLANCPAIN, just visit their homepage.

I hope you will find the video by BLANCPAIN informative as well as I do and admire the machines that makes all the watches in the world Ticking endlessly..well only until the battery source run out...

Enjoy and be amaze of this video by BLANCPAIN


  1. I find this video so interesting and cool to watch...

  2. there are watches that doesn't need battery to run but you need to twist it up if you left it idle for long (like.. not wearing the watch for sometime) I think that is really cool ^^


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