Tuesday, 3 July 2012

BASEL WORLD 2012 - HYT H1 Collection Launching at BASEL WORLD 2012

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in my previous post, I have shown a video about how two different design movement that is being used in modern watch making. This Time I have found another interesting watch design, a masterpiece that no other watch maker has ever tried before, watch movement that combines both mechanical and liquid engineering. It is a bold designs concept but the success of combining these two engineering element has been working side by side in heavy machines, but never in the industry of watch making. This is one cool concept, awesome pushing the meaning of Timepiece into a whole new level. 

The HYT H1 watch has made it possible, according to its maker, the hand-wound H1 timepiece displays the time via hydraulics that push fluorescent green liquid around the outer rim of the watch.

The liquid-driven pistons located inside the watch’s that show a chunky metal body control the hours, while the minutes are operated by a dedicated dial in the centre.

The HYT, which stands for “Hydro Mechanical Horologists”, is the current owner of seven patents concerning its H1 timepiece and this line of watch collection comes in three types of case: they are The titanium, black DLC-coated titanium and red gold. The cheapest of this masterpiece design cost a whopping USD 45,000.00.

Let watch and enjoy the launching of HYT latest masterpiece. The HYT H1 collection during the BASELWORLD 2012 anual event March 8 - March 15 in Basel Switzerland.

I just loved this cool design and thought that I get another version of the video from youtube..and hope you all enjoyed these videos as much as I admired this awesome masterpiece. If I have a deep pocket I sure like to have this one around my wrist....

Here are some of the Images of The Hydro Mechanical Horologist by HYT images by www.watchonista.com....

These amazing photos show casing the detailed designs of HYT H1 does not belongs to me, and showing these photos in my blog site is merely for information purposes..

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