Thursday, 5 July 2012

iPhone 5 design Concept for 2012...

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There has been rumor that iPhone 5 the latest version of the Apple smart phone which is running on IOS 6 rumors has it that Apple will launched their latest edition of their Next generation smart phone by as early as October 2012. 

While the iPhone 4S was more of an evolutionary upgrade, with a faster processor an improved camera and the addition of the Siri voice control app, the iPhone 5 is likely to bring a more revolutionary approach, perhaps with the addition of a 4G LTE internet and a larger screen size.

There is also rumor that Apple might also plan to stop the naming format of their new iPhone with the number, instead only maintained the base name. According to 9to5Mac "...Apple was going to call iPhone 5 as the New iPhone.."

Apple has reportedly begun manufacturing on its rumoured iPhone 5 handsets. Reports suggest Sony has been working on display components for the Californian company’s next-gen smartphone since February – 
and will ramp up production on the panels at the end of this month.

According to AppleInsider "the consumer electronics manufacturer is working in conjunction with other firms, such as Toshiba Mobile Display and LG Display Co, to roll out enough panels for the heavily rumoured device, expected to launch later this year.

Although there has been no official word on the iPhone 5’s screen size, rumours suggest growing competition and market pressures will see Apple introduce a new plus 4-inch model.

Here are some of the iPhone5 concept expected to be launch this year..

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