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Smart TV or Internet TV the next Big Thing in 2012?

The year is 2012, as I have mentioned in my previously posted articles. 2011 was the year of smart phones war where we all have seen multitude of smart phones key players has showdown their very best, feature rich, huge choices of smart phones as well as tablet online application regardless if it’s free or purchased everyone was eager to have one or many installed/downloaded into their gadget, and this method of application online store is mastered by Apple, 2011 was also battle of the OS, although there are several smart phone OS available in the market, but my personal view is the battle is more on 2 corner fight Apple IOS and Google Android.  

Battle of the OS
Apple IOS is a more controlled type of OS, to me this is more secure, only applies to Apple Exclusive product owners, if you have all apple products iPod, iPhone, Ipad, iMac, and the is’ that Apple can market, this single IOS applies to all your Apple Gadget.  Androids on the other hand more of open type of OS, currently Samsung, LG, Sony, Acer, Asus, Motorola, etc you named it almost all of the smart phone produced company has adapt to Google’s Android OS to run their smart phone, except for 2 that I know of Nokia (symbian OS) and Blackberry (Black Berry OS), Microsoft on the other hand will also introducing its tablet/smart phone latest version OS (Windows 7 Mobile).

Looks like this year 2012 we will be seeing more wars on who has the best OS for their tablet as well as smart phones.  

Smart TV
What is smart TV? 2011 quite a number of smart TV popped up in the market, I have seen Sony’s earlier version of Smart TV in one of our local electronic retail store, it really looks awesome and great no doubt the tag is also a little too pricy for me to purchased.  Anyway as far as smart TV is concerned it looks like the old box that we used to called it idiot box is going to be an even smarter idiot and it’s not going to fatter like to old CRT type TV instead its getting slimmer soon you’ll see transparent Smart TV screen, or even TV screen that can be bend without breaking it.

Anyway we will be seeing a new kind of warin 2012, battle of the Smart TVees. So now who do you think will be the market winner?

Who are the players of Smart TV…Google TV or Apple TV?
 Looks like there is going to be only two types of Smart TV OS, hope my terms are correct in this sense. Smart TVs allow you to use apps, access on-demand services, and browse the internet all while watching TV at the same time.

As a future world of inter-connectivity and on-demand cloud based services becomes ever more available, it’s only natural that internet ready televisions are going to be the next big consumer technology battle-ground. But which is likely to be best?

Google TV
Google will be introducing Google TV 2.0 as product produced from cooperation between Google and Samsung, Apple biggest rivalry. According to resource it is now has an approximately 150 application specifically built for TV users, as well as the growing applications to choose from, Google TV is said to be running on Honeycomb Android Operating System. Why not the latest version of Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich? The reason being Honeycomb will make TV navigation more simple and intuitive. Another reason would be, since Android is an open OS, and Google is not a hardware manufacturer unlike Apple which produced their own Hardware as well as OS, this will be Apple greatest advantage you will always have the latest OS version, Androids on the other hand, building on the OS will depend on the hardware manufacturer compatibility and as for this moment the older version Honeycomb is the only OS that other manufacturer can adapt to.

Since Google and Samsung has worked together in this line of product, no doubt that if there is a newer version of Smart TV OS, Samsung Smart TV will be the first to reveal it to everyone. Just like the latest Samsung Nexus which runs on Androids latest OS version Ice Cream Sandwich. I have seen it from Samsung Product display also from one of our local electronic store, you can control your Samsung Smart TV from your Galaxy S smart phone..I that was I see. Also Google which owns YouTube, so now users will be watching TV from YouTube? Could this explains why Google is introducing the new version or format of YouTube?

Apple TV
Rumor has it that Apple will be launching their latest version of internet TV, a product that will storm the world like no one has ever seen before. It is an exciting prospect for all Apple fans, promising a world of inter connectivity between Smartphones, tablets and desktops. So what would Apple called it…we all sure it will be iTV. according to resource that iTV has been the idea of Steve Jobs, and with his ideas incorporated into this latest product hit of Apple. We are pretty sure that it will be interesting to see what SJ has prepared for us before he leaves us. and looks like he did not leave us with empty hand...

According to as I quote “Apple rumors suggest that the TV may have a 37-inch version and a (slightly) cheaper 32-inch one. In terms of users interface, there have been rumors on everything from motion-sensor technology to the use of voice recognition software Siri to help you navigate the device. Another rumour suggests that your iPad or iPhone or iPod could be the actual remote control – giving consumers another reason, if they need one, to purchase more Apple kit.

WHO is the BEST?
Well it is quite difficult to say at this moment, since both players has not started the battle yet. But if you are die hard fans of APPLE, and you already have all iAPPLEs product and since Apples have within their control of everything from application, hardware and its famous IOS, then iTV will be the best thing you can ever experience. Otherwise Google TV will give you more variety in terms of TV sets, since Google TV is running on Androids OS, then you will have multiple choice of TV set from Samsung Smart TV, LG smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and many more, and all of the above product will be reveal in this upcoming CES 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada.

When the time comes, and all is revealed we will see who will control the game of Smart TV/internet TV. 

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